UniBz Design Festival – Learning

Maria Montessori

The first edition of UniBz Design Festival – a three-day event, including workshops and a final conference – will focus on the topic of Learning.
At a time when design schools have proliferated, “parallel” teaching projects have emerged, and schools’ programs and educational organizations are heavily affected by budget cuts, it seems important to bring the topic of “Learning” back at the centre of attention. “To learn” does not equate with getting a degree. Designing is itself a learning process, and learning is an ongoing process. What does “learning” mean in the field of design? How much do we know about design education and learning? What can we learn, or should we learn, from design? What should the designers of tomorrow learn? What do the designers need to learn from other fields?

International designers, students and thinkers with diverse backgrounds will gather at the Faculty of Design and Art of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano on September 20-22, 2012 to exchange their experience and ideas on this topic.
Invited designers who will lead the workshops and talk at the conference include Daniel Eatock and Flávia Müller Medeiros, Formafantasma, Rob Giampietro / Project Projects, Cynthia Hathaway, Sophie Krier, Metahaven, Mischer’Traxler.

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