The Kingsboro Press issue 8

Founded in 2007 in Brooklyn, The Kingsboro Press is a critical and engaged look at young art, design, literature, and approach every new issue as an artists print or unique edition, an entirely self-produced object with its own inherent visual language.

The Kingsboro Press issue 8 contributors: Becca Albee, David Armacost, Jordan Awan, Walter de la Mer, Dx, Noel Friebert, Dmitri Hertz, Chip Hughes, Gb Jones, Cat Kron, Melissa Levin, Greil Marcus, Nik Planck, Zephyr Pavey, Asher Penn, Jeremy Sigler, Algernon Charles Swinburne, William Wegman, Yan Yan, Seth Zucker, and more…

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