Two or Three Things I Know About Provo – catalogue

On the occasion of Two or Three Things I Know About Provo / The Brno Edition, a small catalogue has been published, designed and edited by Experimental Jetset. The main part of the booklet consists of a short story written by Auke Boersma, a former member of the Provo movement. In this (previously unpublished) story from 1983, Boersma recalls the early days of Provo in an almost Pop Art way, comparing key members of Provo with vintage comic characters, while describing a surreal “dérive” through the city of Amsterdam.
Further included in the booklet is a 24-page section of photos by Johannes Schwartz, documenting the first edition of the exhibition, as took place in Amsterdam. There’s also a foreword by Experimental Jetset, as well as an afterword by Marek Pokorny, director of the Moravian Gallery.

Information about mail order: Moravian Gallery,

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