Cannon Magazine No.2

Cannon Magazine – for literary artillery – is conceived, edited, and designed by Phil Baber.

Cannon Magazine No.2 content by Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Francis Ponge, Rainer Maria Rilke, Peter Handke, Heinrich von Kleist, Robert Walser, Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Peter Král, Emily Dickinson, William Faulkner, Wallace Stevens, Alberto Caeiro, Thomas Bernhard, Friedrich Hölderlin.

“There is an oblivion of all existence, a silencing of individual being, in which it seems that we have found all things. There is an oblivion of all existence, in which it seems that we have lost all things, a night of the soul in which not the faintest gleam of a star, not even the phosphorescence of rotten wood, can reach us.” Friedrich Hölderlin, Hyperion

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