Super Models

Super Models is a case study, a trend report, a coded map, or series of casual conversations that seek to plumb the foundational structure of any art or design practice: its business model. This project started with a desire to understand the structure of a studio as a design problem in and of itself and to learn how the choices made in building that model define the work a studio produces.
How do designers make work outside of the normal scope of the commercial? How do they support their studios? What, ultimately, is the flow of capital that drives these practices as businesses? What is the relationship between criticism and, to paraphrase Aristotle, keeping the lights on?
In Super Models, a variety of approaches to these questions are explored through interviews with a diverse group of practitioners operating on the cusp of art and design.

Book Launch & Talk, with Babak Radboy,
Andy Pressman & Harry Gassel
July 12, 2012, 7pm
Bidoun, New York

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