From June to September, Open Field transforms the Walker Art Center’s big, green yard into a cultural commons. The space is designed in the spirit of the “gift economy,” to explore what happens when people get together to share and exchange skills and interests, to create something new, or delve into the unknown.

For their residency (July 17-29), ROLU have developed a series of hands-on public activities organized around the ideas and people that have influenced them, as well as their wide-ranging interests: landscape and architectural design, urban planning, furniture design, modern and contemporary art history, collaborative public art, and more.

ROLU is an experimental design studio located in Minneapolis that’s focused on exploring the relationship between life, our surroundings and the objects and ideas that fill those spaces. Its practice was founded and continues to have a strong connection to landscape design but also extends to furniture design and collaborative architectural projects as well as urban planning work and public art.

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