Back Cover, graphic design, typography, etc. is a publication focusing on thinking and analyzing graphic design and typographic practices; and to a larger extent visual arts. It is a platform for major actors from all over the world who make or study the visual environment we live in, and whose works, ideas or opinions are strong and relevant.
Back Cover is not a news-mag. It offers thoughts, historical and critical analysis, individual and collective experiments. Each issue gathers contributions from world-famous figures in the above fields (graphic designers, type designers, artists, art critics & historians, specialized journalists…) in various forms: interviews, diaries, theoretical texts, lectures transcriptions…
Back Cover is an independent magazine created and run by designers, conceived as a tool of thought, discovery and work.

Back Cover #5 – with Peter Bi?ak, Irma Boom, Richard Hollis, Robin Kinross, Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié, Norman Potter, Fogelson-Lubliner, Laura Forde, Victor Guégan, Happypets, Conny Purtill, Paul Renner, Joël Vacheron, Cornel Windlin – launches a new format. The new, more realistic periodicity will enable us to offer richer contents, reflecting the growing diversity of the creation fields which have been present since the first issue.

Launch June 29, 2012, 6.30pm
Section 7 Books, Paris

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