AND publishing – Talk & Workshop

The three-day AND publishing workshop, by Lynn Harris and Eva Weinmayr, will be a creative collaboration with everyday digital devices – laptops, voice recorders, smartphones, scanners, digital cameras – to jointly re-tell, rewrite and re-distribute a story. Through a constrained writing technique of using only the mediated language made by a text interacting between screen modes and by handheld devices translating printed material into the digital, they invite artists, writers, graphic designers, typographers (and many more) to push the limits and understanding of these everyday media tools.
The resulting text – the story retold by the workshop participants in collaboration with their robotic devices and their hidden protocols and formats, will be compiled into a book at the end of the three days. To affirm the immediacy of the digital, it will be published on a print on demand machine that prints, collates and binds in a matter of minutes.

June 8-11, 2012
PrintRoom, Rotterdam

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