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The missing books

Jan Tschichold had suggested to award the most beautiful Swiss books in 1943. Only, for the years of 1946, 1947 and 1948 there is already a gap in the series – no books were entered or awarded. This gap and its context served as an interesting starting point for an exhibition series which discussed book making and book design in Switzerland, particularly from that time, but also linking to the actual situation.

The exhibition was realized by Roland Früh, Corina Neuenschwander and Jenny Eneqvist and the swedish designer Fredrik Paulsen developed the furniture design.
With the exhibitions and events, they collected a large amount of documentation and took this as the opportunity to realise a publication. In 14 short statements experts like Jost Hochuli, Christoph Schifferli, François Rappo, Nicole Udry, Julia and Klaus Born and many more, explain their selections. These are short stories where to follow their personal interest for and relation to books. Further authors such as Severin Rüegg, Philipp Messner, Noah Stolz and Patrick Gosatti write about a more specific topic, starting from the different aspects of book production and design that were discussed during the events.

The aim of the book is to take the discourse a step further and although they will add a precise selection of historical sources, the publication should not be a history book, but a contemporary comment on what is crucial for the making and designing of books, back then, and today. Give your support.

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