Charlotte & Sture Johannesson

Charlotte & Sture Johannesson

“…and then began experimenting in expressing myself in conceptual art forms and actions; with posters, graphics, paintings, happenings, performances, media freaking etc. I learned how free art or even a mischief performance aroused archetypal behaviour of the authorities in power, bringing about faces of the Watchmen; the Guardians of the Camp, with censorship, police brutality, and political persecution of dissidents. I believe that art should be well adapted and fused to rock the establishment, opposed to the ruling Party’s desirous ideology production.”

Sture Johannesson: Graphic Art studies 1955-1959, photographer 1959-1961. Worked with experimental films, mixed media, posters, and conceptual art in the 60′s. Pioneering Computer Graphics experiments 1970 together with Sten Kallin, IBM Senior Technical Staff Member. 1986~1998 working together with Sten Kallin again in The EPICS Project: Exploring Picture Space.

Charlotte Johannesson: Has worked with weaving, lace making, textiles and fiber art, mainly handmade paper, as well as Computer Graphics. Together with Sture, Charlotte founded the first Apple II-based microcomputer graphics studio in Scandinavia “The Digital Theatre” in 1978.

May 25-June 9, 2012
New Jerseyy, Basel

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