*Latent Stare* – David Bennewith

*Latent Stare* is an exhibition project that looks at the discipline of type- design through a particular critical lens, assembled by David Bennewith.

Type-design is an ever-present, though extremely latent, work in our time of over- information and communication: not only image but also letters saturate daily unconscious and conscious seeing/reading habits. With *Latent Stare*, David Bennewith singles-out this discipline, out of the larger discipline called “design”, and puts it back into the ecology of everyday practice where the typefaces programmed intention, production and distribution are at constant play. For this reason, this project seems to be highly discipline focused but also extra-disciplinary. It’s speculative of what a typeface could do (the question of its agency) in the public realm, through different propositions and works by artists and designers.

With contributions by Hinrich Sachs, Paul Elliman, Runa Islam, Peter Verheul, Luke Wood, Herman Damen, Karl Nawrot, Jo De Baerdemaeker, Paul Chan, Vasilis Marmatakis, Ji Lee, Christoph Knoth, Frank Adebiaye, Joseph Churchward, Amber Frid-Jimenez, Felix Weigand.

July 8 – September 9, 2012
Casco, Utrecht

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