Publishing as (part-time) Practice

Publishing as (part-time) Practice,
a seminar on independent publishing organised by Iaspis together with graphic designers and small-scale publishers Matilda Plöjel (Sailor Press) and Mattias Jakobsson & Peter Ström (Konst & Teknik / Andperseand).

Over the last few years, a wide range of new publishing initiatives have developed within the visual arts and design fields. New book fairs are emerging in major cities, small publishing houses and independent presses are frequently initiated and the alternative bookshop seems to be reborn in new forms. Something that seems to tie these activities together, is that they are run by practitioners themselves — photographers, artists, authors and graphic designers — often with a visionary idea of how to redefine the world of publishing.

Confirmed participating publishers: Elin Maria Olaussen / Karen Christine Tandberg from Torpedo Books and Press, Georg Rutishauser from Edition Fink, Matthew Stadler from Publication Studio, Anna Gerber / Britt Iversen from Visual Editions, Nille Svensson from Nilleditions, Jacob Grønbech Jensen / Rikard Heberling / Emi-Simone Zawall from Drucksache. Andrew Blauveld from Walker Art Center will introduce the event as well as provide a concluding reflection at the end of the evening.

May 25, 2012, 3-8pm
Iaspis, Stockholm

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