25th Brno Biennial – Talks

The 25th Brno Biennial consists of A an international competition, B an exhibition under a guest curator, C accompanying thematic shows and D an introductory three-day series of Biennial Talks.
The core of the upcoming jubilee 25th Brno Biennial is its international competition, the aim of which is to present a broad spectrum of contemporary graphic design and its metamorphoses across media and forms. The related exhibition is based on works selected by a specialist board featuring designers and design theoreticians.

Lectures and presentations by designers and design theoreticians: Andrew Blauvelt, Sulki & Min, Zak Kyes, R. V. Novák and Jan van Toorn, Na Kim, Kasia Korczak, Adéla Svobodová & Tereza Hejmová & Pauline Kerleroux, Karel Haloun, Jon Sueda, Experimental Jetset and Milan Knížák, Karl Nawrot, James Langdon, Linked by Air, Christoph Keller and Katerina Sedá.

June 23-24, 2012
Moravian Gallery, Brno

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