BradAndAngelina aka YGDMFA2012 aka Coachella aka GraphicMag22Release aka BookShelfBeta aka CharlesManson aka GRiSInternationalPerformance aka YaleGraphicDesignThesisShow12


“KombuchaTea is a graphic design exhibition to be held at Green Hall Gallery in the Yale School of Art, opening May 5, 2012 at 6:00 PM. It is the work of 16 students, the launch of a magazine, an eBook platform, a Turbo Folk fanzine, and graphic design mixtapes. WrestleMania is 3 floors, 13 websites, 2 projections, 5 screens, 6 speakers, 232 printed pieces, and 2 sets of headphones (maybe).

ChrisBrownAndRihanna maximizes all available resources—using, subverting, interacting with, and exhausting all available networks and reconfiguring existing materials with a new agenda. You can call this hacking, you can call this “truth to materials,” you can call this media agnosticism, or you can call this resourcefulness as we call for attention in crowded visual, audible and fourth-dimensional fields with fewer financial resources and an exponentially growing number of platforms for distribution. WheresMyRefund is a show without a hierarchy, in fact, its a show without a title. DumbAndDumber2 is a dynamic set of interactions which promotes both a disorienting sense of subversion and the utopian ideal of equivalence. CoryBooker is a trending search term, an aggregate as well as a calcified, specific time and place. This is RepublicanDebate aka Graphic22Release aka BookShelfBeta aka BalkaniaFanzineLaunch aka GRiSIntrnationalPerformance aka YaleGraphicDesignThesisShow2012.”

April 26 – May 5, 2012
Yale School of Art, New Haven

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