Belgian artists’ books from Verheyen until today.

Vaast Colson, artist, and Johan Pas, art historian, searched into archives and brought an overview (bookshow) of around 150 artist’s books from as many artists, from 1960 to today. A book fair and a book talk will bring creators, publishers and collectors together, allowing conversations and meetings.
BOOKSHOWBOOKSHOP wishes to provide the present day wave of artist’s publications and small press with a memory and a discourse.

Artists Gerard Herman, Pol Matthé, Peter Morrens, Sophie Nys, Ria Pacquée, Guy Rombouts and Reinaart Vanhoe contributed to an anthology, using only a sophisticated photocopier. This edition, The Ricoh book, is a homage to the legendary Xerox Book (published by Seth Siegelaub in New York in 1968).

April 14 – June 10
Be-Part, Waregem

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