Text Library – during Facing Pages

© Thomas Petitjean & Hugo Anglade

Text Library

A collection of writings – ideas & emotions – about Art & Design,
from international contemporary periodicals, selected by artists, curators, art historians, graphic designers, designers & publishers…

A periodical publication (magazine, journal, etc.) is a space for creation, incarnated in itself (treated as an object, designed), but it is also a space of expression, a specific medium in which communicate ideas and commitments, a tool to engage a debate, a good partner for criticism.

The space will gather critical texts extracted from contemporary art, design and graphic design independent magazines selected by Charlotte Cheetham and guests – artists, graphic designers, curators, publishers – who submitted texts/articles from periodicals and which they think must be read.
The space of the project will simulate a study/reading room of a library in which the public will be able to spend time to read but will also be welcomed to discuss and exchange ideas.
Thanks to an in-situ photocopier, the public will also be able to duplicate the texts and create their own reader, their own catalogue of the project, bounded within a cover specially designed for the event. In brief, a way to spread and archive the words of these authors presented during these 3 days… text-library.tumblr.com

April 20-22, 2012
Facing Pages, Arnhem

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