Book Launches: Mountainislandglaciar – Sleeperhold 4 – Manifesta Journal 14 – F.R.DAVID 9

March 30, 7pm, Motto, Berlin

A compilation of art, writing and investigation on our contemporary’s troubled, shape-shifting realities. Edited by the group ‘Correspondence from Eyjafjallajökull’ the book contains the artistic results and research of the group, along with eleven probing and insightful carefully selected ‘collaborations’. These diverse entries take many forms, including fiction, essay, polemnic.
By Carlos Fernåndez-Pello, Javier Fresneda, Eduardo Hurtado, Regina de Miguel, Antonio R. Montesinos, Lorenzo Sandoval (Eds.). With Contributions from: Pavla Ascher, Santiago Eraso, Juan Freire, Emanuele Guidi, John Holten, Nicolas Malevé, Markus Miessen, Laurence Rassel, Alan Pauls, Maria PTQK, Urzsula Wozniak

Sleeperhold 4 “The Most Expensive Restaurant Ever Built”
April 14, 7pm, Wiels, Brussels

Sleeperhold Publications is a ephemeral platform for artist publications and functions as a valid excuse to experiment with the creation of content, different media and ways of distributing,… So far SHP released a photobook, a silkscreen posterset and a deck of gaming cards. There are no fixed methodologies in dealing with creation and, at its best, an entirely different tactic will be applied to every SHP number.
The fourth release on Sleeperhold is a paperback which functions as a collection of 14 short stories. The work of the artists shown in this publications functions as one continuous storyline, but every chapter can easily stand on it’s own.
Contributions by Beni Bischof, Jason Fulford, Dr Phillip Cribb, Pelican Video, Roma Publications, Karen Vermeren, Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen, We Have Photoshop, Hiromi Nakajima, B.H. Friedman, Ferdinand Kriwet, Ward Heirwegh, Lieven Lahaye, Sara Deraedt, Aurélien Arbet / Jérémie Egry / Nicolas Poillot, J.G. Ballard, David Horvitz & Peter Sutherland. A text functioning as an interlude was written by Serge Delbruyère and Dirk Van Bastelaere.

Manifesta Journal 14 “Souvenirs, Souvenirs…”
March 30, 7pm, de Appel arts centre, Amsterdam

“Souvenirs, Souvenirs…”,is conceived as a set of disruptions into a linear construction of time. Each contribution enacts a digression that breaks the progress of straight time, exposing divergence and anachronism, peripheral and deviant views. The title, “Souvenirs, Souvenirs…”, which betrays an indulgence in a sort of irreverent sentimentalism, is intended as a provocative overture for the novel approaches that investigate (or debunk) how histories are constructed, shared, and turned into collective memories through the subjective experience of events. Moreover, as “around curatorial practices” explicitly directs the journal’s investigations towards process, rather than post-mortem diagnoses and syntheses or critical readings on the practice, digression is an—uncannily—significant “organizing” principle; both a strategy and a poetic gesture…

F.R.DAVID 9 “This is not new, of course”
April 18, 7pm, de Appel arts centre, Amsterdam

“This is not new, of course”, the ninth issue of F.R.DAVID, finds ‘poetry’ – the word and the product – NOT sacred, IS mutable, and SHOULD be replaced with “politics”, “art”, “baking”, “film” and “cabinet-making” as one possible means to record life. (Words, Don’t come easy…)
Authors: Stan Brakhage, Adam Chodzko, Cid Corman, Maya Deren, Robert Duncan, Anja Kirschner / David Panos, Hilary Koob Sassen, Jackson Mac Low, Chris Mann, Charles Olson, Marjorie Perloff, C.H. Sisson, H.G. Widdowson and more.

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