Summerland – Stockholm is our pleasure park

Project Room – Summerland – Stockholm is our pleasure park

The Project Room is a new exhibition format at the Swedish Museum of Architecture. The aim is to introduce a new, experimental program focused primarily on aspects of design and crafts, but also linked to adjacent fields like architecture and urban planning.

With its starting point in the city’s nature, the explorative project Summerland is a concept for a pleasure park with new types of attractions. Assuming the roles of designers and coordinators, Byggstudio’s long-term intention is for the project to result in a series of public events in Stockholm’s public countryside.
In the Project Room, a place for exploration and discussion is being created, and in the course of eight weeks, the project’s conceptual landscape with models, texts and images will be developed, including a public programme of meetings and excursions. The result of the research will be presented in a publication.

Until May 13, 2012
Arkitekturmuseet, Stockholm

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