Postdocument #3

© Aurélien Mole

Postdocument is a publication dedicated to the photography of artworks taken in the exhibition context and the project was initiated in late 2010 by Rémi Parcollet, Aurélien Mole and Christophe Lemaitre. For each new issue, the particular selection and lay-out of the exhibition photographs is made in reference to one of the 16 permanent features which function as legends for the images published.
For issue 3, intitled “Courtesy”, Postdocument brings together photographic portraits taken in front of, beside or ‘with the help of’ an exhibited artwork. By placing the works in the background — like a backdrop or set — it is in fact the faces and bodies of the people who generally authorise the reproduction and distribution of artwork images who are placed in the foreground here, each image thus revealing the identitiy of their own ‘courtesy provider’ — for what is, first and foremost, an issue simply dedicated to portraits, taken here via the prism of the exhibition scene.

Launch March 28, 2012, 6.30pm
Rosascape, Paris

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