LGRU Co-position

LGRU Co-position
Presentations and round-table discussion

The Libre Graphics Research Unit is a traveling lab where new ideas for creative tools are developed. Its diverse activities range from the practical to the theoretical via writing, research meetings, experimental prototyping, conferences and workshops. The Research Unit is an initiative of four European media-labs actively engaged in Free/Libre and Open Source Software and Free Culture. This cross-disciplinary project involves artists, designers and programmers and is developed in dialogue with the Libre Graphics community.

How can we re-imagine lay-out from scratch? What tools do we need to support decentralized collaboration? How can we bring together canvas editing, dynamic lay-outs, web-to-print and Print On Demand in more
interesting ways?
A conversation with designers and programmers about future Libre software for arranging texts and graphical elements. Presentation of prototypes and discussion chaired by Angela Plohman (Baltanlabs, Eindhoven). With : Ana Carvalho, Stéphanie Vilayphiou, Camille Bissuel, Antonio Roberts and many others.
This roundtable concludes the second ’Research meeting’ organised by the Libre Graphics Research Unit, a collaboration between Medialab Prado (Madrid), Worm (Rotterdam), Piksel (Bergen) and Constant.

Saturday 25 February 13:30-15:30
Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels

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