SAMIZDAT publication

SAMIZDAT publication is now being distributed online:

Born from the discussion and contributions of the participants of the workshop, the publication “Samizdat” arises as a possible manifestation of the critical practices in self-publishing and as an essay; when it reaches the typical circuits of distribution/circulation, it will enable, once again, the discourse to discussion.

“We believe that the context of a publication exists further beyond the value of the book. We support the following idea: “Perhaps it is time to study the discourses not only for their expressive value or for their formal transformations, but in the genres of its existence; the modes of circulation, of valuing, of attribution, of appropriation of the discourses vary with each culture and interchange themselves within each one (…)” (Michel Foucault in “What is an author?”). It is in the movement of distribution, in the chain of intermediaries, that the circuits and contexts are found, and above all, where the ideal reader is recognized.”

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