The Feeling of things

The collective exhibition The Feeling of Things takes as its point of departure the work and spirit of the inventor, artist, designer, writer, illustrator, graphic designer and teacher, Bruno Munari, “a Peter Pan with the calibre of a Leonardo”, to borrow Pierre Restany’s words.

By shifting and developing, in everyday life, his continuous research into the circulation and instability of forms, signs, colors, light, words, and images, he never ceased to combine imagination and method, logical and intuitive inventiveness, within an approach that focused on the essentialness of things. From the early Futurist paintings of the 1930s to the unreadable books, from the useless machines to the talking forks, from the original xerographies to the high-tension structures of the 1990s, Munari played all his life with categories and disciplines – using conspicuously limited means – in an attempt to blend them into a single radical and generous art praxis, urging everyone to develop their own curiosity and creativity.

For all this, this exhibition, which is more forward- than backward-looking, is not seeking so much to emphasize his legacy and his influences, as to set his work back in motion, in terms of ideas and forms, in the midst of other art practices. It thus brings together on the same level paintings, prototypes, multiples, design objects, books and games produced by Munari, and works of artists of different generations and nationalities, sharing an attitude and a spirit informed by playfulness, sincerity, spareness, and poetry…

With Lenka Clayton and Michael Crowe, Isabelle Cornaro, Julien Crépieux, Robert Filliou, Martino Gamper, Ryan Gander, Mark Geffriaud, Ray Johnson, Chitti Kasemkitvatana, Cyrille Maillot, Bruno Munari, Emilie Parendeau, The Play, Bruno Persat, Pratchaya Phinthong, Chloé Quenum, Clément Rodzielski, Fred Sandback, Mieko Shiomi.

Until February 26, 2012
Le Plateau / Frac Ile-de-France, Paris

In the context of the exhibition, the first issue of Messy Sky – an expansive publication, fluid and adjustable edited by the artists Chitti Kasemkitvatana and Pratchaya Phinthong – hosts the publication “The Feeling of things” gathering amongst others contributions by the invited artists, designed by Coline Sunier and Charles Mazé. This issue is freely downloadable during the time of the exhibition.

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