Black Transparency One (The Letters)

Black Transparency One (The Letters)
A reading by Metahaven accompanied by images of their recent design work at Tensta konsthall.

Transparency used to be a high modernist ideal, perfectly suited to design objects and institutions. More recently, transparency has become a loose set of strategies and tactics to scrutinize and expose the existing order—the behavior and secrets of governments, corporations and other organizations. The techniques and methods deployed by the new transparency are: leaks, investigative journalism and database hacks. Together, they form a departure from the modern paradigm of the glass house.

This new “black transparency” is vigilant, eclectic, immediate and often humorous. From the revelations of WikiLeaks to the actions of Anonymous, it is more insurgent than institutional, and more civic than corporate.
In Black Transparency, Metahaven investigates, questions, proclaims and illustrates design principles of this new unofficial movement, as well as surveys its significance for architecture and design.

The presentation at Tensta Konsthall takes the form of a reading accompanied by images and is part of their forthcoming book project Black Transparency—comprised of not just a print publication, but also talks, blog posts, articles and events.

January 22, 2012, 2pm
Tensta Konsthall, Spånga, Stockholm

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