The Café Society

The Café Society works on the topic of on-screen reading/writing.
“We create frameworks – rulesets – based on how reading, writing and organisation of textual information could work differently. As our reading habits change, so must our writing habits and the way we communicate, and ultimately the way we think. Authoring is becoming curating, and the expression of the in-between gains importance over content.”

Lines is the latest project from the Café Society, solidifying an abstract idea in the shape of a functional piece of software, serving as the foundation for further discussion and development. Lines is a reaction on the forms and frames in which we usually write.

Theory Tuesdays sessions I, november 22, 2011, 8pm, Corner College, Zürich
Theory Tuesdays sessions II, november 29, 2011, 8pm, Corner College, Zürich
Go Where Your Heart excursion 8, january 21, 2012, 2pm, The Woods, Zürich

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