1946, 1947, 1948

1946, 1947, 1948
Les années oubliées des plus beaux livres suisses
The missing years of the most beautiful Swiss books

An exhibition and platform for discussion dedicated to the making of books, in history, and today
by Corina Neuenschwander, Roland Früh, Jenny Eneqvist and Fredrik Paulsen, in collaboration with the Bureau de la Fonderie Kugler.

An exhibition and forum for discussion on book design from the 1940s and today. Initially thought to cover the three missing years in the history of the competition The Most Beautiful Swiss Books, 1946-1948, the exhibition now describes the micro-history of these years, in relation to book production and design. A series of talks and workshops generates new material which will be documented in the exhibition.
After exhibitions in Zurich and Locarno, we continue the format in Geneva, highlighting the book production from the Romandie, the french speaking part of Switzerland, with selections by Peter Bichsel, Julia Born and Klaus Born, Hans Burkhardt, Davide Fornari, Mirjam Fischer and Hans Rudolf Gabathuler, Jost Hochuli and Ursula Hochuli, François Rappo, Fabio Soldini, Christoph Schifferli, Andreas Schwab, Nicole Udry, Felix Wiedler, and additionally Nicolas Eigenheer and Philippe Kaenel.

The exhibition is accompanied by the following events:

June 4, 4-6pm, Round table
«Le plus beau livre romand? Une discussion autour des livres anciens et contemporains»
Avec François Rappo, Ludovic Varone (NORM) et Niels Wehrspann (Schönherwehrs)

June 5, 2-6pm, Workshop
«Papier, ciseaux, xerox – recouper les livres de 1946, 1947, 1948»
Avec Nicolas Eigenheer, Corina Neuenschwander et Régis Tosetti (inscription: fonderiekugler@usinekugler.ch)

June 10, 7pm, Présentation
«1946, 1947, 1948 – extended remix»
Un projet réalisé à l’ECAL par des étudiant(e)s en design graphique, présenté par Jonas Berthod et Mauro Tittoto

Exhibition: June 4-18, 2011
Opening: June 4, 3pm
Fonderie Kugler, Genève

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