Dialogue of the Writing: Authorship in Design

Dialogue of the Writing: Authorship in Design
Symposium & student work exhibition

The relevance of authorship in design has been widely discussed in recent years. However, the often uncritical reception of the principle “designers equals author” calls for a retrial of the issue in the form of an interdisciplinary discourse. Ideas and thoughts on the self-understanding of the designer take centre stage. Questions on the position and role(s) of the designer come along with that.

How do designers react to the diverse changes in their professional field? How do they deal with interpenetrative text and image spaces?
Does a non-staged, author-less typography actually exist at all? Is not always a part of the designer included in the design, which allows to speak of authorship? What are the interactions within the triad of writer–work–designer?
The concept of authorship may well suggest new approaches to design, but it can equally well be used as a counterproductive legitimacy of outdated myths of the “creative genius”.

To what extent can a designer actually call a work his or her own? In times like ours, where plagiarism and copy/paste become commonplace, the question of intellectual property becomes more important. Is it still worth being protected? Or live works through the incorporation into and continuation by other works? Is it wiser, in the end, to rather speak of the designer as a “translator”, a “director”, or a “co-author”?

The symposium tries to answer these questions by contrasting various contemporary positions of theory and practice.

Lupi Asensio/Martin Lorenz, Kenan Darwich/Nils Küppers/René Siegfried, Markus Dreßen, Oswald Egger, Friedrich Forssman, Melle Hammer, Dr. Sabine Kampmann, Jan Middendorp, Annette Stahmer.

July 7-9, 2011
Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Kiel

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