AA/BF 2011 identity by Christofer Goertz & Karoline Swiezynski.

Manystuff: Could you please present yourself and your activities?

Christofer & Karoline: We are two graduating graphic design students from Gerrit Rietveld Academie: Christofer Goertz from Sweden and Karoline Swiezynski from Germany. The AA/BF was not the first time we worked together; we have previously collaborated on both applied and school assignments.

Playing around with the subject matter is central to our creative process. We like to start off with something actually tangible, so we often create objects, such as the dustcover for the AA/BF. Even if we don’t end up using these objects in our final design, this generates the necessary ideas we need.

Manystuff: Could you explain how this project went: the command, the process etc?

Christofer & Karoline: When we got the briefing for the AA/BF, we were already on the roll after finishing another project which also entailed a homepage design. In the beginning, the brief was to only make a homepage for the AA/BF. After presenting our initial idea and concept for the fair, we were offered the opportunity to do the entire identity. This reversed process of building an identity from a virtual medium was refreshing for our overall method of designing.

We wanted to explore the elusive border between digital and analogue. These polar opposites became blurred in the virtual reality idea that we started developing, which is so far from traditional print media that books represent. This contradiction made us decide to go for an intense green color that is generally avoided.

Manystuff: Could you present your final graphic answer/ your solution to communicate the fair?

Christofer & Karoline: We wanted to visualize the AA/BF as a very contemporary book fair its focus being on reflecting on emerging practices and developments in art. The fair is divided into two parts: the lectures and the publishers exhibiting. Our green image, which is the base of the fair’s identity, consists out of two objects, a dustcover placed within a grid. The dustcover represents the many publishers and the empty space they will fill. The grid represents the lectures which gives everything a perspective and puts it in a context.

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