Bidoun, by Tiffany Malakooti

“Since 2004, Bidoun has filled a gaping hole in the arts and culture coverage of the Middle East, pioneering a distinctive voice that is intelligent, critical, and original. From the beginning, Bidoun has served as a platform — for new questions, images, and ideas about the Middle East. Bidoun’s activities fall in three primary areas: publishing, educational, and curatorial. To date, our projects have included a range of pursuits: curatorial initiatives, educational programs, artist commissions, talks, tours, performances, books, an itinerant library, and an online archive of avant-garde media…”

Bidoun Library Project: Arts and Culture From the Middle East, at the New Museum, is a highly partial account of five decades ofprintedmatterin,near,about, and around the Middle East. Arrayed along these shelves are pulp fictions and propaganda, monographs and guidebooks, and pamphlets and periodicals, on subjects ranging from the oil boom to the Dubai bust, the Cold War to the hot pant, Pan-Arabs to Black Muslims, revolutionaries to royals, and Orientalism to its opposites…”

Upcoming: The Bidoun Library, May/June 2011
The Bidoun Library will travel to the Edgware Road to coincide with the launch of the Centre for Possible Studies’ own publishing imprint for local research. While in residence, Bidoun writers, editors and artists will turn the Centre for Possible Studies into a print production centre open to everyone, while investigating the print culture of the Edgware Road.

Bidoun UbuWeb Archive: Bidoun curates a video & sound archives from the Middle East on Ubu.

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