AA/BF 2011 – PUBLISHERS – Edition Taube

Edition Taube

Manystuff: Could you please present yourself and your activities?

Edition Taube: Edition Taube is a young publishing house for contemporary fine arts and new positions on paper including editions, artist books and zines in small print runs. The artists represented by Taube are – among others – Friedemann Heckel, Erik van der Weijde, Raphael Linsi, Sener Özmen, Peekasso, Christian Rothmaler, Celia Sidler, Stefan Sulzer, Willehad Eilers and Pedro Wirz. Edition Taube was founded in Brooklyn, 2009 by Jonas Beuchert, Tilman Schlevogt and Jan Steinbach.

Manystuff: What do you think is the role of an independent publishing house? Do you feel having responsibilities and a duty? Is the act of publishing a kind of activism and what for? What about your environment you are part of, how do you identify it?

Edition Taube: We think that printed paper is a great medium to experiment with new perspectives on things. In the digital age, books and magazines can be used as an „antimedium“ to activate the user.
It’s also important that self publishing can annul market barriers and offers new qualities for printed matter by being irrational in a market sense. We love to just throw an idea out and see if we find someone who appeals to it.

Manystuff: Some says that “Print is dead”. What resources and new kind of artistic relationships are in contradiction with that point of view? Is the increased complicity between “curator/author/graphic designer/printer/publisher/distributor” the proof of the contrary?

Edition Taube: People will always declare the death of something, but nothing that plays an important role at some point will vanish for all time.
If something is declared as dead by some people, other people will pick it up and do something new with it.
So we would say, print is alive and has even more potential than anytime before, increased complicity is just what it needs!

Manystuff: Could you mention one book/publication, or publishing actor, or artist, or graphic designer, or printer, or exhibition, etc… that made you work in the field of independent publishing area? What inspired you?

Edition Taube: Archiv Peter Piller, Publications of Hans Peter Feldmann

Manystuff: Could you please introduce one of your upcoming project you are now working on?

Edition Taube: It’s a script of a lecture from 1970 of one of the most important collectors of american post war art that was never published before. It’s about building up a worthwile art collection with the least possible money. It will be presented at Liste during art basel this june.

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