AA/BF 2011 – PUBLISHERS – Waterfall

Waterfall – Shauba Chang

Manystuff: Could you please present yourself and your activities?

Shauba Chang: I’m Shauba Chang from Taipei, Taiwan, now attend an art school in London. I founded Waterfall as an online magazine in 2006, and started publishing it as a real book with my friend Hoteng Chang in 2009 summer. It’s now a bi-annually publication and we’ve published 3 issues so far.

Manystuff: What do you think is the role of an independent magazine? Do you feel having responsibilities and a duty as you are into independent journalism? Is the act of publishing a kind of activism and what for?

Shauba Chang: An independent magazine, is something that inspires the readers to do independent thinking. I don’t take it as a duty but an assignment for myself, an assignment for me to practice how to share/to present the experiences from my point of view to the others. So, yes, it’s a kind of activism, to pass on something from someone to someone else, and to make more reaction and to bring more discussion.

Manystuff: What about your environment you are part of, how do you identify it? What about the aspects of artistic independence and financial autonomy?

Shauba Chang: Taiwan, where I originally came from, is just a tiny island, yet the numbers of people or organization get involved in creative industry has been increased these years. And I take this as a good thing, though we may not have big enough market for that. As long as more things are going on, the whole environment could be turned into something really different from the past. As for London, the current city I live, is more like in reverse. The independent/cutural/art scene has been well-developed, it’s a big city with lots of people, the large diversity here is the most valuable thing for them from my point of view.

Manystuff: Could you please introduce your upcoming issue?

Shauba Chang: The next issue is called “The Spactacle of Now”, I’m not looking for weird figure or magnificent natural reserved sites, but the transition from modern to contemporary. How the life’s been altered, the changing of the way we communicate, the way we look at things and so on. It’s not a book telling you what is the spactacle of now, but some fragments and some slices from the everyday life phenomenons or even my personal experience showing how the spectacle was processed or experienced. And it’s coming up (ideally) in the first week of July.


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