AA/BF 2011 – Publishers – JSBJ

Je Suis Une Bande De Jeunes
Jeremie Egry

Manystuff: What do you think is the role of an independent publishing house? Do you feel having responsibilities and a duty? Is the act of publishing a kind of activism and what for? What about your environment you are part of, how do you identify it? 

Jeremie Egry: In all our project we lead the important part is the starting point and the impulse we give to it, the idea is always try to give our own interpretation of what could be a publishing project and photography nowadays. Intuition, meetings, travels has a great importance and relationship to it – our publications are the fruits of this elements.
To be independent means to publish works of Artist that we feel close too, and with research and artworks which represents our own vision of contemporary photography.
Like many project that born under an impulse more than a reflexion, JSBJ evolves everyday, we always question ourself trying not to make too obvious choices.
We feel more and more responsible through our publishing role, our requirements and uncertainties are part of each new projects.
To our big surprise people are very receptive to the various book/zines project we’ve done so far. This support help us to improve and to be more successful each time.

Manystuff: Some says that “Print is dead”. What resources and new kind of artistic relationships are in contradiction with that point of view? Is the increased complicity between “curator/author/graphic designer/printer/publisher/distributor” the proof of the contrary? 

Jeremie Egry: It is because “Print is dead” that there is such an interest about independent publishing and books today. There is a real need to touch paper, to collection and to produce nice “objects” again.
The utopia that represent paper versus digital is very interesting because it reveals there dependence each other. it’s like a new inseparable couple.
For example a lot of new small publisher could not exist and spread there work without Internet.
It is because “Print is dead” that the independent publisher community is so rich and florishing.

Manystuff: Could you mention one book/publication, or publishing actor, or artist, or graphic designer, or printer, or exhibition, etc… that made you work in the field of independent publishing area? What inspired you?  

Jeremie Egry: A lot of people has influenced us, it’s been a long time now that we rub shoulders with publishers that has a graffiti background, it’s in this type of world that we watched our first fanzine and that we met the first people that were fighting to testify for this movement while there was not any other magazine or anybody to consider it. We’ve been watching and fascinated by a huge number of publications by the time, if there was one to mention, it would be Hole, Huts & Hiding by the artist Adam.

Manystuff: Could you please introduce one of your upcoming project you are now working on?

Jeremie Egry: We will present our new JSBJ book untitled PICTURE SCULPTURE at the Amsterdam Fair, the official release will be in June.
It is a mix of pictures which we are the author taken in the last few years. This book reveals the tight frontier and the close relationship between mediums nowadays.
What is the role of photography, in parralel to documentary photography?
What is the difference between a sculpture itself and a picture of a sculpture?
Where is the challenge of making and showing object composition, still life nowadays?
Could a sculpture be seen through a picture and not existing as such?
This book questions all those ideas and show the irony and the fascination for what surround us and what makes our everyday life.
PICTURE SCULPTURE is composed of a serie of 93 successives pictures around this thinkings.
We are also actually working on a JSBJ show for September at 12MAIL Gallery in Paris and still some new blue zine on the run.


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