CIRCUIT – Jérôme Pfister

Manystuff: Could you please present yourself and your activities?

Jérôme Pfister: Circuit is an artist-run space in Lausanne Switzerland. We publish artists edition: “Les éditions Circuit”.

Manystuff: What do you think is the role of an independent publishing house? Do you feel having responsibilities and a duty? Is the act of publishing a kind of activism and what for? What about your environment you are part of, how do you identify it?

Jérôme Pfister: Our activism is to help artists to diffuse their ideas.

Manystuff: Some says that “Print is dead”. What resources and new kind of artistic relationships are in contradiction with that point of view? Is the increased complicity between “curator/author/graphic designer/printer/publisher/distributor” the proof of the contrary?

Jérôme Pfister: We have not taken knowledge of his death! But our relationship with “Print” is changing.

Manystuff: Could you mention one book/publication, or publishing actor, or artist, or graphic designer, or printer, or exhibition, etc… that made you work in the field of independent publishing area? What inspired you?

Jérôme Pfister: The idea of exchange, memory, spreading of ideas.

Manystuff: Could you please introduce one of your upcoming project you are now working on?

Jérôme Pfister: We work on a joint publication with the american artist Erica Baum and the swiss artist Françis Baudevin.


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