AA/BF 2011 – PUBLISHERS – O Book Publisher

O Book Publisher – Erica Overmeer

Manystuff: Could you please present yourself and your activities?

Erica Overmeer: Self publishing artist under the name of ‘O Book Publisher’.

Manystuff: What do you think is the role of an independent publishing house?

Erica Overmeer: I have no idea. I really don’t know.

Manystuff: Do you feel having responsibilities and a duty?

Erica Overmeer: No, no other then making the book / publication that has to be made.

Manystuff: Is the act of publishing a kind of activism and what for?

Erica Overmeer: Yes, artistic activism, extended artistic activity, an artistic tool, a working method, a production mode. Publishing is a way of thinking the material.

Manystuff: What about your environment you are part of, how do you identify it?

Erica Overmeer: Artists, architects, designers, graphic designers, photographers.

Manystuff: Some says that “Print is dead”. What resources and new kind of artistic relationships are in contradiction with that point of view?

Erica Overmeer: Pre-print just became easier and more available and accessible. Printing itself, is just the next step.

Manystuff: Is the increased complicity between “curator/author/graphic designer/printer/publisher/distributor” the proof of the contrary?

Printing and publishing is just another way of making things visible / public that cannot be done / made visible, be visualized otherwise. Printing and publishing is a thinking mode.

Printing and publishing is just a way of thinking the material.

Manystuff: Could you mention one book/publication, or publishing actor, or artist, or graphic designer, or printer, or exhibition, etc… that made you work in the field of independent publishing area? What inspired you?

Erica Overmeer: All of it. I just love books. I just love print, anything printed. I love the way information, any information, can be organized within a book. I love the way printed matter finds it ways through the world, its migrative qualities. I love its beautiful democratic feel. I love the materialistic side of the material.
I was inspired by the possibility of creating an image, images as a book, I wanted books as images and images as books.

One iconic example among many: Ed Ruscha, Every Building on the Sunset Strip.

Manystuff: Could you please introduce one of your upcoming project you are now working on?

Erica Overmeer: The ‘Landscape Files’ a multi publication project with an intended total of 18 volumes. The first volume / issue came out November 2010. Number 2 and 3 will be out in June 2011.

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