Lecture ROKFOR (Urs Hofer, Rafael Koch, Gina Bucher)

Lecture ROKFOR

The idea behind Rokfor is a generative approach to graphic design. Rokfor does not question the work of the graphic designer. In contrast, we collaborate with designers to develop the custom built output plugins.
But it is our aim to automatize repetitive tasks: The work of the graphic designer is shifted from the creation of single documents to the creation a single ruleset for the output.
We consider automatic design based on custom rules as a new approach to graphic design, including ideas as:
-Randomness and fuzzyness
-Algorithmical positioning and scaling of elements
-Developing grids which are capable of dealing with various inputs
-Implementation/Questioning of classic grid and layout systems

Urs Hofer, Rafael Koch and the editor Gina Bucher talk about the process of the project and how they apply it to concrete assignments.

May 5, 2011, 7pm
ZHdK, Z├╝rich

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