Looking at Music 3.0

Kraftwerk. Trans-Europe Express (American version). 1977. Kling Klang Records – Run-DMC. Raising Hell. 1986 – Dara Birnbaum, Pop-Pop Video, 1980 – Spike Jonze, Sabotage, 1994, Music by Beastie Boys

Looking at Music 3.0, the third in a series of exhibitions, exploring the influence of music on contemporary art practices, focuses on New York in the 1980s and 1990s and the birth of “remix culture.” Highlighting a unique range of activity within the city during those decades, the exhibition addresses the birth of hip hop; new articulations of feminism as seen in video chain letters, zines, and raucous art and music performances; the continued artistic development of music videos; and the rise of the digital domain, where sound and image acquired a curious parity as sampled bits of electronic information, raising the curtain on new creative possibilities.
Approximately 70 works from a wide range of artists and musicians are on view, including works by the Beastie Boys, Kathleen Hanna and Le Tigre, Keith Haring, Miranda July, Christian Marclay, Steven Parrino, and Run-DMC. (press release)

Until May 30, 2011
The Museum of Modern Art, New York

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