1 (Mis)reading Masquerades – produced by If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution – (Mis)reading Masquerades comprises a selection of theoretical texts drawn from different fields of knowledge that address questions such as transgression, gender identity and subversion, gesture, the carnivalesque, the construction of subjectivity, authorship, mimesis, and alterity. Their researches for this project started from graphic representations of what the title inspired them such as theoretical books with abstract and geometrical graphics on the cover and also worked from the If I can’t dance logo done by Metahaven. Focus on the eye pattern and making the book become a mask.
2 Weak Signals, Wild Cards was an exhibition of commissioned works, talks and performances. The curators invited ten international and local artists, artist collectives, and contributors from other fields to react to the development plans for Amsterdam-Noord and to imagine a set of alternative futures. After a period of research and meetings with local initiatives, the curators have taken as their starting point the current local situation and view it under its global conditions.
Without any text or images of what was going to be the exhibition, The Weak Signals design is based on the storyboard of an exhibition: the story makes the design.
3 & 4 Ambiguity and irony with a point. A logo from intonation emphasis.

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