Open Books – videos installation

An Endless Supply, The Most Cool Books
Slide projection, sound, 14 minutes 48 seconds duration, looped
Books on um art and design, er, rated on whether they’re cool or whatever. Presented at PA/PER VIEW Art Book Fair at Zabludowicz Collection, London.

João Machado, Gestures
This video strongly relates to the effect of a book, extending beyond the form. A book is mainly compound of its materiality, formal content and the way these two interact with the reader. Beyond the form, the book lives on in the mind. In this video I aim to illustrate the experience and performance of a book discarding the object itself. By doing this I am asking the viewer to reassess what this object means to them.

Book Notes 2002-2009, Christoph Schifferli

“The reason I took this digital snapshots is very practical: to take notes about books and artworks I’m interested in. I started using a digital camera in the late 90s, mostly in art exhibitions were I took pictures of the artwork together with the small tags on the side stating the name of the artist, etc. I later started using the camera also for books, taking a quick picture of the cover with some spreads and the impressum (and possibly of the price if it was a rare book). Since the date is automatically registered when you take a digital picture, I still had to take note of the location (these were pre-GPS times). So I started taking pictures of the gallerist, artist or bookdealer to keep a record of the place or context. Finally these pictures also became a visual diary – but this happened more coincidentally and as a side effect, and I became aware of the diary effect much later in the process.”


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