Open Books talks
with James Langdon & Stuart Whipps, Anna Haas & Annett Höland (Werkplaats Typografie), Fraser Muggeridge


James Langdon is an independent graphic designer. Informed by an art education, his practice is concerned with the mediation of art and ideas. James is one of five founding directors of the artist-run gallery Eastside Projects in Birmingham and is also active as a curator, editor and writer.

Book Show, curated by James Langdon and Gavin Wade, is an exhibition of artworks, objects and structures that address the physical form of the book. The starting point for the exhibition is Ulises Carrión’s provocative series of aphorisms ‘The New Art of Making Books’ (1975).

Facing Pages, exhibited in Open Books, is a recent project in collaboration with Stuart Whipps.


Anna Haas & Annett Höland are Werkplaats Typografie students.

Best Books 2009: Mapping the Library. Concept and supervised by Experimental Jetset; design by Anna Haas and Annett Höland. The outcome of a workshop conducted in 2010 in which participants from the WT turned their favorite books of 2009 into maps. Identifying the formal connections resulted in a large format 16-piece collective map.

Feed the Library is a Werkplaats Typografie project which took place at the 2010 New York Art Book Fair. The visitors had the opportunity to enrich the school library by bringing in books they consider a must-read for every art and design student. In return, the book was traded for one of a multitude of artifacts specially produced by the Werkplaats Typografie. Over the course of the fair all goods of the exchange were presented in the project room.

Hoi, Japan, 2010
What does this book say and do? Is the book, as an object, self-reflexive? What do you look AT when you look AT a book? What do you look FOR when you look FOR a book?
As part of a workshop organized by David Bennewith and Sandra Kassenaar eighteen publications initiated and designed at the Werkplaats Typografie were selected and assigned – one publication for one student. The goal was to consider these questions by making a gesture towards their assigned publication and create a ‘unique version’ for the exhibition and bookshop.

In 2009 the Werkplaats Typografie brought all their 17 students to the New York Art Book Fair. Across from a wall displaying the graphic output of the last ten years of the school, the students set up a production line where they photocopied pages from Werkplaats Typografie publications selected by the visitors and bound them into new books for as little as $5.


Fraser Muggeridge is a typographic designer based in Clerkenwell, London. He runs a studio producing books, catalogues, posters and other material for mainly cultural and arts organisations.
He studied Typography & graphic communication at the University of Reading where he now teaches on the MA in book design.

Designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio is an installation of 48 new books, each unique and made up of 48 different publications designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio. The limited edition book has been meticulously reformed, as an amalgam of 48 selected books and catalogues, from 2001 to present, designed for clients including Bookworks, Lund Humphries and Tate Publishing. With 192 pages of contrasting form and content, Designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio is a reconfiguring of separated leaves in which typography, image, ink and paper can either clash or complement in their new formations.

All 48 books will be on display in an installation at Open Books exhibition, alongside a selection of the original publications. The limited edition booklet will be available for consultation in the exhibition books selection.

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