From another point of view: One moment in Time

One moment in Time
A Kolla!-talk on graphic design in the series From another point of view

Participants: The Kolla!-jury in graphic design: Georgianna Stout, Sara de Bondt and James Goggin. Moderator: Martin Frostner.

The existence of graphic design depends on the relationships between the commissioner, the public and the designer, surrounded by a historical, economic, political and social context. Looking at western graphic design history and nationally linked visual expressions one often refer to Switzerland and “The International Typographic Style” as an internationally widespread influence in the 1950 and 60´s. Holland, with its long arts tradition and prosperous economy, has also managed to sustain a favourable environment for influential visual expressions. But it seems like a traditionally culturally defined discipline has now expanded into a democratized and popular visual language of sampled media, methods, styles and ideas; spread in the same minute they are produced. What constitutes a “style” today, and which ingredients are needed for it to be established? Where are the new graphic expressions created? And most importantly, Is the globally used Adobe software the designer`s best friend or worst enemy?

8th of February 2011, 5.30pm
Iaspis, Stockholm

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