by Atelier Carvalho Bernau

“A self-initiated reader/magazine: A collection of obsessions, oblique references and footnotes of design processes, though not necessarily texts about design.

The layout is appropriately diverse and eclectic for the bandwidth of texts, layering different formats and texts, it mimics the third-dimensionaly of publications comprised of different formats by means of layering and shadowing; furthermore the two-dimensionality allows for subversion on the perception of the background/foreground layers. We present three iconic formats in emphasized-as-fake three-dimensionality, on four different papers.

Dear Reader was created partly from a primordial graphic designers’ urge to publish something, partly in celebration of our Atelier’s approximate fifth anniversary, partly as a vessel to showcase our type design work that circumvents the boring conventions and the visual clichés of the type specimen.”

Reason and typography — René Hague, Appartamento Pernigotti — AG Fronzoni, (The story of) the poor rich man — Adolf Loos, Topography of Typography — El Lissitzky, John Cage and Morton Feldman in Conversation, Exercises in Style; Foreword by Barbara Wright, Exercises in Style (Selection) — Raymond Queneau

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