In Almost Every Picture 9

In almost every picture, by Erik Kessels, is a look at photography in the vernacular beauty of its creation and use. the intentions of its manifestation may evolve and change in the course of tome. The meanings placed in and taken from the images may also heighten and become more potent as their context changes. Photography has become an integral part of our lives and tells the endless human stories that occur around us, often without us knowing, and marks the impressions and experiences we share in almost every picture.

In Almost Every Picture 9 is the latest addition to the long running series of found photography. This time around, we are presented with the peculiar story of one family’s attempts to photograph its black dog. “Attempts” being the operative word.
Unfortunately, their camera’s limitations mean that the canine appears, time after time, as only the vague black blob. The all black dog shape is seen posed in all kinds of domestic situations, usually with his owners as part of a tableaux of homely contentment. But while these contexts make it clear that the silhouetted pooch is an integral part of the family’s life, it’s equally clear that there’s no situation capable of providing the requisite amount of light.

Private View: February 3, 2011
Exhibition: February 4-27, 2011
KK Outlet, London

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