The workshop SELF PUBLISHING IN TIMES OF FREEDOM AND REPRESSION arose from the fact that self-publishing in Romania has a complex and still insufficiently researched and publicized history. Under Ceausescu dictatorship, the ideologically imposed state regulation over the cultural and artistic realm was extremely harsh, the production of independent publications increasing only in the early ‘90s. Recently, ideological censorship has been replaced by economical, financial or technical constraints. The workshop considers that publishing as a means of self-expression and samizdat as a form of it, born in specific oppressive conditions, common to many countries in Eastern Europe, deserve a special attention and might shed a new light on the meaning of self-publishing, its forms and challenges today.

The practical part of the workshop consist in producing a publication on the subject of CENSORSHIP. The participants elaborate the format and discuss technical means of production. They analyze how this phenomenon developed and the new forms that have been taken in the latest years in Europe. Participants are encouraged to bring their own case studies.

Invited tutors: Marco Balesteros & Sofia Goncalves.
Designers, artists, cultural practitioners and other interested adults that show an active interest in self-publishing techniques are eligible to apply.
Participation to the workshop is limited to 10 foreign participants (max. 3 from the same country) based in European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey.
Accomodation, meals and travel costs are covered by Grundtvig Programme (except for Romanian participants).

Workshop, 18 – 23 April, 2011
Centre for Visual Introspection, Bucharest
Call for applications deadline: 28 February
Download application form

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