Bad Day – Issue 11

July 27th, 2011

Bad Day – Issue 11 features graphic designer-cum-filmmaker Mike Mills on it’s cover, shot by Todd Cole and interviewed by Asher Penn. Also featured are David Shrigley, Tomi Ungerer, Tauba Auerbach, Steven Shearer, Andrew Kuo, and Martino Gamper, in addition to The Hangover by Devin Blair and the usual Joke by SANY (Samuel Nyholm).

Launch July 28, 2011, 7pm
Phaidon Store, New York City

COMMA 38: Arnaud Desjardin

July 27th, 2011

COMMA 38: Arnaud Desjardin

For Comma 38, artist and publisher Arnaud Desjardin will exhibit new, old, rare, and popular books while running an active printing press in Bloomberg Space. His COMMA commission, part of an ongoing project titled The Book on Books on Artists’ Books, is intended to create an active and participatory review of current and historical practice. This exhibition is about both the display of books on artists’ books and the production of a book about the books displayed. He intends to print a first edition, a book of books, a critical anthology and source book, in which a large range of books on artists’ books will be displayed in a series of vitrines.

Artists’ books have normally been sold and distributed through small networks of bookshops and galleries that often produce lists of available titles in printed form. The advent of the Internet has meant that information online has changed the nature of this documentary evidence. Desjardin’s unique and extraordinary combination of display and production makes an exhibition that actively engages in both the making and disseminating in real time. The books themselves become both vehicles for information and documents that testify for artistic activity in its own right.

July 29th , 6pm -7.30pm – Evening Discussion
Clive Phillpot, Eleanor Vonne Brown and Arnaud Desjardin will discuss the past and future of Artist¹s publishing, Chaired by Sacha Craddock. Free, but booking advised at

July 30th, 11.00 – 5.00pm – One Day Event
One DAY Event at Bloomberg SPACE will provide a platform for the display, reading, exchanging and distributing of publications. The social aspect of the dissemination of artist¹s books is an often overlooked aspect of the reality of artists publishing. This event will provide a setting where presentations and exchanges can take place. A variety of people; publishers, librarians, collectors, artists and curators involved in artists publishing will attend. A catalogue of the publications on display will be produced as a memento mori of the event.
Publishers include: The Everyday Press, Occasional Papers, Dent-De-Leone, Information as Material, And Publishing, Fraser Muggeridge Studio, Ella Finer, Sara Mackillop, Tom Benson, Roland Brauchli, The Coelacanth Press, X Marks the Bökship and others. Events include a performance by Ella Finer 12.30 & launch of new book ‘Faded Paper’ by Sara MacKillop at 4pm.

Bloomberg Space, London

Mobile Museum By FABRICA at The Victoria and Albert Museum

July 25th, 2011

The Mobile Museum will be staged at the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of the Friday Late Summer Camp program, a series of events held over the summer to investigate the role of the user in the design process. The series looks at the shifting focus in design from lone designer to collaborative practice.

The Mobile Museum, by Fabrica designers Dean Brown and Philip Bone, is a travelling museum, with contents contributed by people from all over the world.
“We welcome contributions from different backgrounds. Whether you are an artist, designer, illustrator, photographer or other practitioner, we want to hear from you. The Mobile Museum collection is always changing, evolving depending on its location, with the location itself dictating the theme.”

Download press release
July 29th, 2011
Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Digital Justice, Ken Isaacs, and books on climbing and housing

July 25th, 2011

Digital Justice, Ken Isaacs,
and books on climbing and housing

“The center-piece is a reconstruction, or re-interpretation of one of Ken Isaacs living cubes according to the metric system. It will also serve as a display and reading-room for books about climbing, and housing (woodstock houses, the hippie farm book, arbosculptures). Juxtaposed is a series of lamps with motifs of “digital justice”, one of the first graphic novels drawn entirely digital and mainly responsible for putting batman back on the map in the nineties.
It’s somehow a very lose and free association between these self-organized, now (in blogs and tumblrs) widely hyped structures of the seventies, and this graphic novel, maybe another hermetic structure, digital DIY, etc …”

July 29–August 13, 2011
Opening July 28, 6pm
New Jerseyy, Basel

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A Common Dialect

July 23rd, 2011

A Common Dialect

Within the project A Common Dialect, curated by Femke Dekker, Marres examines the concept of the ‘school’ as a historical model for the self-organizing ability of artists. This research takes shape in the form of an exhibition, which includes reflections on the Tilburgse School and the Leipziger Schule. Alongside the exhibition, a group of alumni of the Academy of Fine Arts & Design Maastricht will attend a so-called summer school at Marres, where they will look for contemporary versions of the ‘school’. The results of this investigation will also be presented in A Common Dialect.

With contributions by, amongst others:
The Session, Guido Geelen, Marc Mulders, Heribert C. Ottersbach, Miriam Vlaming, Reinoud van Vught, Our Polite Society, Maarten Simons, several alumni of the ABKM.

Until August 14, 2011
Marres, Maastricht

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July 22nd, 2011

Samuel Bonnet & Maël Fournier-Comte

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upcoming books launches – X MARKS the Bokship

July 21st, 2011

A CIRCULAR, edited by Afonso Martins and Pedro Cid Proença.
IIssue 1 features Stefan Themerson on why Decency of Means is the Aim of aims; Fay Nicolson‘s pedagogy of circulation, Neither Odd or Even; Robin Fior on the graphic language of the British 60s/70s underground press, Mathew Whittington on the Marx Brothers, Casablanca and language as private property; Nathanael West’s short story The Impostor; Open Source Publishing‘s letter to Monotype regarding intellectual property rights in typeface design; another instalment of Will Holder’s Middle of Nowhere; Maël Fournier-Comte‘s notes for a letter to Jean-Luc Godard’s Une femme est un femme, and Xavier Antin throwing a rubber band in the air.

Shadowboxing brings together projects by four artists, Mariana Castillo Deball, Sean Dockray, Marysia Lewandowska and Wendelien van Oldenborgh, in an exhibition developed in collaboration with the graduating students of the Royal College of Art’s Curating Contemporary Art MA.
The publication makes visible the processes of discussion, collaboration and production between artists and curators. Contributions take the form of artists’ commissions, interviews and conversations with relevant people from the cultural and political field, as well as essays by the curators.
ISSUE 4/5, A Structure that Wants and To be Another Structure has been conceived as a double issue, where the content of the publications run in parallel. As a whole it both reflects, and confronts the terms used throughout SHADOWBOXING. It includes a text by Wendelien van Oldenborgh and interviews with Lis Rhodes and Rainer Ganahl. Issue Four/Five is edited by the graduating students on the MA Curating Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art, 2011 and is designed by James Langdon.

Studio cookbook, by Ken Kirton, is a collection of recipes from åbäke, Alex Bettler, Front yard company, Goodwin Harthorn, Jerome Rigaud, Martino Gamper, Mind Design, Sara de Bondt studio and many more, brought together to inspire social lunches at studios.

Precinct publishes books on art, design, writing, music and their allied activities. Precinct continues the work of its forerunner, For Further Information.
Heaven is Real: John Maus and the Truth of Pop by Adam Harper: John Maus is one of the most intriguing artists in the millennial wave of lo-fi pop, assembling his unique and intimate language from synth pop, disco, baroque classical and church music. Yet Maus’s work is much more than another exercise in retroist hybridity, and his overtures on truth and love are, upon further listening, no mere ironic posturing. Does Maus have something to teach us about arriving at the truth through personal musical expression, or is he on a doomed Romantic adventure? Has he really discovered Heaven – and can he take us there?

A CIRCULAR, Thursday 21 July, 6.30pm
SHADOWBOXING ISSUE 4/5, Friday 22 July, 6pm
STUDIO COOKBOOK, Saturday 23 July, 1pm
HEAVEN IS REAL, Wednesday 27 July, 7pm
X Marks the Bökship, London

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The Bidoun Library

July 19th, 2011

© 2011 Sebastiano Pellion

The Bidoun Library

Founded in 2009, The Bidoun Library is a peripatetic resource of books, periodicals and ephemera developed by Bidoun Projects, a not-for-profit publishing, curatorial and educational initiative dedicated to supporting contemporary artists in and around the Middle East. This summer, The Bidoun Library will travel to the Serpentine Gallery to launch a special issue of Bidoun magazine produced during the revolution in Egypt. While in residence, Bidoun will continue to investigate the diverse histories of printed matter related to the Middle East, as well as explore the swiftly changing state of libraries in London.

Until September 17, 2011
Serpentine Gallery, London

werker magazine & the grand domestic revolution – Open call

July 19th, 2011

Werker magazine & The Grand domestic Revolution

Take part in the collective gathering of materials for the next edition of werker magazine, a publication about photography and labour initiated by Marc Roig Blesa and Rogier Delfos.

Werker magazine appropriates its name from the worker photographer movement; the first group of amateur photographers to use the camera as a tool to fight class-struggle.
This third issue of werker magazine will be a ‘political kitchen calendar’ developed within The Grand Domestic Revolution — user’s manual (gdr), a long-term living research initiated by Casco, Office for Art, Design and Theory in Utrecht.


July 18th, 2011

edited by Afonso Martins and Pedro Cid Proença.

Issue 1 features Stefan Themerson on why Decency of Means is the Aim of aims; Fay Nicolson‘s pedagogy of circulation, Neither Odd or Even; Robin Fior on the graphic language of the British 60s/70s underground press, Mathew Whittington on the Marx Brothers, Casablanca and language as private property; Nathanael West’s short story The Impostor; Open Source Publishing‘s letter to Monotype regarding intellectual property rights in typeface design; another instalment of Will Holder’s Middle of Nowhere; Maël Fournier-Comte‘s notes for a letter to Jean-Luc Godard’s Une femme est un femme, and Xavier Antin throwing a rubber band in the air.

Launch, July 21, 6.30 – 9pm
Fay Nicolson lecture an extract of ‘Real Estate’, by David Antin
Price of Sale will be randomly generated: minimum price is £3.50 – maximum price is £10.50
X Marks the Bökship, London

Open Books – Publication

July 16th, 2011

Open Books is a project aiming to explore the “mise en abime” of the object book as well as to research the use of books as an exhibited material.
This publication, Volumes ABC, was produced in two steps. Printed ahead of the exhibition, Volumes A+B served as a documentation tool and caption for the public. Extended later by Volume C, the three volumes become then a trace of the exhibition.

- Volume A, Documents
Introduction – Charlotte Cheetham & Sophie Demay
Reading Space – Lucas Hoffalt & Samuel Lamidey
Mind Replica – Sylvie Boulanger
14 ways to exhibit books
Kiosk: a collection by Christoph Keller
About Books – Grégoire Romanet
Index of exhibitions (written by Tom Henni,
Christoph Schifferli, The best dutch Book Designs, Mathieu Gabiot,
Mylinh Nguyen, Dominique Hurth & Ciaran Walsh, Regine Ehleiter,
The Most Beautiful Swiss Books)

- Volume B, Material
This is a book about an exhibition – Elizabeth Glickfeld
Studio Book by Fraser Muggeridge studio – Eric Kindel
Double Page – Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié
Graphic #10 – Kwangchul Kim & Na Kim interview
Ultramoderne Reader – Jean-Marie Courant
I swear I use not art at all – Joost Grootens
Recycled Works 1990-2005 – Armand Mevis & Linda Van Deursen
Fernand Baudin Price Catalogue – Alexia de Visscher & Ariane Bosshard
The most beautiful swiss books catalogue – Laurent Benner interview
Index of exhibited books

- Volume C, Exhibition
The exhibition Open Books
Perpetual Proposal – Fay Nicolson & Oliver Smith
Curators Compendium
Facing Pages – James Langdon & Stuart Whipps
Studio Project – Fraser Muggeridge
Mapping & Feeding the Library – Anna Haas & Annett Höland

Editor: Charlotte Cheetham & Sophie Demay
Designer: Sophie Demay & Lola Halifa-Legrand
Pages: 220
Dimensions: 130x190mm
Riso printed by Hato Press
Limited edition of 175
Price: 20€


OK Talk – Helsinki/ London

July 15th, 2011

OK Talk – Helsinki/ London

OK Talk brings together designers, artists and theorists operating in Finland and Britain to talk about emerging questions in design philosophy and strategic design. This book documents the first set of OK Talk events, with views on spatial practice, strategies of participation and the crossing of boundaries between design, art and other fields.


July 14th, 2011

COPY SHOP – L E G A C Y features the status quo of the ongoing project COPY SHOP. The approach was to give a full documentation of the three COPY SHOP events, the created print matter and the outcome and works of the participants that came to the shop. The works featured in the book reach from visual statements of students and employees of the University of Art and Design Offenbach, Germany, to the selections of the invited Designers/Studios (Alexander Lis, Pixelgarten, Hi – visuelle Gestaltung, Europa), from the archives of Germanys unique typography & book museum Klingspor Museum in Offenbach, Germany. These findings are published for the first time in this particular compilation.

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Unjustified texts: perspectives on typography – Robin Kinross

July 13th, 2011

Unjustified texts: perspectives on typography
Robin Kinross

Over twenty-five years Robin Kinross has written for publication in magazines and journals, making a case for typography as a matter of fine detail and subtle judgement, whose products concern all of us, everyday. This selection of his shorter writings – including some previously unpublished – brings his major themes into focus: the unsung virtues of editorial design and of information design, the fate of Modernism in the twentieth century, the work of dissident and critical Modernist designers, the contributions of emigré designers from Europe in the English-speaking world, the virtues of a socially-oriented design approach. He argues for a design that is of use in the world, and against the cult of design and the delusions of theory. The out-of-print pamphlet Fellow readers (1994) is reprinted in full. A separate section of illustrations with extended critical captions presents these themes in a direct and accessible way. Kinross introduces the book with a fresh essay that recalls just how these pieces came into existence. The book presents an unexpected body of writing, which stakes out fresh territory between the purely academic and the merely journalistic.

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That New Design Smell

July 11th, 2011

That New Design Smell – by Michele Champagne – is a critical design magazine based on dialogue, rather than monologue. It experiments with open content production, where criticism engages an online public. Dialogue is then curated into a printed magazine you can hold in your hands.

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1:1:1 #03

July 11th, 2011

1:1:1 #03
Metahaven : Niessen & de Vries : Drukkerij Mart.Spruijt

1:1:1 is a series of publications in which printing matter converges with the subject matter, the image with the text, the reproduction with the original and the designer and the printer with the client. An artist, designer or musician is the point of departure for each of the numbers in this series, and the subject of conversation is the basis for investigating graphic design and printing as a form of expression.

Richard Niessen and Esther de Vries form together an Amsterdam-based graphic design studio. They work for a wide range of clients in the cultural sector such as museums, artists and publishers. They also initiate exhibitions, books, lectures and workshops.1:1:1 is their initiative.

Metahaven is one of the most radical groups of graphic designers. They use a research-based, speculative ‘meta-design’ practice to rethink the structural parameters and channels through which emerging organizational models and political paradigms inadvertently stumble upon a form of communication. From research projects the group has moved into installation making and speculative design projects Metahaven also produces commissioned work for clients.

Drukkerij Mart.Spruijt bv is an independent, medium sized printing company established in Amsterdam. The company is renowned for quality, its outstanding solution oriented service and creativeness.

This issue was produced as follows: a 4 colour printrun using for each plate the split fountain technique (putting more than one ink in a printing fountain to achieve special colour effects).

Presentation July 13, 8pm
Items live, Amsterdam


July 8th, 2011


July 7th, 2011


Independent publishing plays a key role in the dissemination of arts and ideas, not just by what gets published but also by how. The authors, artists, printers, poets, and designers working within this context use methods that question traditional ways in which we understand how to make and read publications. Editions ranging from 5 copies to 500 allow an emphasis on the book as object and make way for investigations into how form contributes to comprehension. Independent publishers explore models of production and distribution that provide alternatives to mass market imprints and center around readers’ needs versus market numbers. Designers and book artists challenge everything from typography and page structure to whether a book needs pages at all. Ever present is the idea that a publication is an exchange between an author and a reader, and that the act of reading is also an act of creation, bringing a publication to life. The question is, when authors take big chances, will readers follow?

Shelf Life invites a diverse group of bookmakers (and book-lovers) to the Henry to share their relationship to books and independent publishing. Located in the lobby of the Henry, Shelf Life brings Portland-based Publication Studio as publishers-in-residence, features lecture-performances by Sandra Kroupa (University of Washington Book Arts and Rare Book Curator), and hosts poets-in-residence from Wave Books.
Poste Restante, an exhibition created by Western Bridge curator Eric Fredericksen and originating at ARTSPEAK in Vancouver, B.C. (April 2011), comes to Shelf Life in the midst of its transformation into a book. Stand Up Comedy from Portland presents a compilation reel of videos about books and book design. The Emancipated Spectator and Gentle Reader, two casual discussion groups, convene monthly to talk about selections from reading lists that include Claire Bishop’s Participation and Alberto Manguel’s A Reader on Reading. In addition, a rotating selection of books from UW Special Collections will be on display, curated by Sandra Kroupa.

Visitors are also welcome to explore the independent publications featured on the Shelf Life letter shelves or bring their own publications to read and relax with in the Shelf Life reading lounge.

July 7, 2011, 7pm, What Good Are Bookstores?
Matthew Stadler , writer and co-founder of Portland-based Publication Studio, looks under the hood of literature’s future by asking “what good are bookstores?” If writers and readers can connect directly, if publishers can reach readers online or through digital applications, what good are high-rent, dedicated retail spaces for the healthy future and economy of literature? Stadler sees enormous value and use for such spaces, but in a drastically changed configuration, one that argues for smaller, more idiosyncratic shops and against the old model of the large, comprehensive bookstore.

Exhibition until October 16, 2011
Henry Art Gallery, Seattle

A walk-through with Richard Kostelanetz

July 7th, 2011

A walk-through with Richard Kostelanetz

Richard Kostelanetz will discuss his practice during an informal walk-through of the Openings & Closings exhibition.

Richard Kostelanetz (born 1940, New York) is an American writer, artist, critic, and editor of the avant-garde. He is infamous for his prolific and often biting prose. In his short fictions (some only 2 words long) and visual poetry, RK employs a radically formalist approach consisting of arrangements of words on a page using such devices as linking language and sequence, punning, alliteration, parallelism, constructivism, and minimalism. As a more viable alternative to a straight forward retrospective, Kunstverein has been temporarily transformed into a bookstore dedicated to the artist

July 15, 2011, 6pm
Kunstverein, Amsterdam

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July 7th, 2011


A group of students from different departments at UdK Berlin initiated a temporary bookshop to be installed at the 2011 UdK summer show. After 2 successful years, all publications released at UdK Berlin as well as a large selection of student publications will again be made available at one spot.
The bookshop will be open from July 14th through July 17th, with events such as Siegfried Zielinski, the Quay Brothers and Hans Belting discussing interrelations between art, science and technology within the scope of their newest book release; Variantology V, a performance by the music and acting department, Arno Brandlhuber, Christian Schöning, Klaus Zahn and Günter Zamp Kelp discussing the present-day relevance of the future in architecture and closing on sunday with a reading by students of the department scenic writing.

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