Openings & Closings – The Richard Kostelanetz Bookstore

May 31st, 2011

Openings & Closings
The Richard Kostelanetz Bookstore

Richard Kostelanetz (born 1940, New York) is an American writer, artist, critic, and editor of the avant-garde. He is infamous for his prolific and often biting prose. In his short fictions (some only 2 words long) and visual poetry, RK employs a radically formalist approach consisting of arrangements of words on a page using such devices as linking language and sequence, punning, alliteration, parallelism, constructivism, and minimalism. His literary work challenges the reader in unconventional ways and is often printed in limited editions at small presses. (…) In 1970 Kostelanetz co-founded and directed the innovative annual aptly called Assembling; thirteen editions of “otherwise unpublishable” art and literature, including the Complete Assembling were produced between 1970 and 1982. Now scarce, Kunstverein will have the complete set of Assembling 1 through 13 on view. (…)

For reasons closely connected to Kostelanetz’s practice we feel it is consistent that Kunstverein becomes a Bookstore dedicated to the artist – as a more viable alternative to a straight forward retrospective. The Richard Kostelanetz Bookstore will host and sell all of RK’s publications (over 80 titles). As well, rare artifacts, editions and smaller artworks will be on view in the secret backroom. Richard Kostelanetz’s role since the late 60s has been one of instigator, assembler, editor, artist and journalist. This multi-relational practice is not only historically significant, it is unquestionably inspirational and exemplary for the present.

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June 11 – October 01, 2011
Kunstverein, Amsterdam

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Graphic Detour

May 31st, 2011

Graphic Detour
curated by Erik Kessels

Graphic Design isn’t what it used to be. Whereas traditional graphic design was a clearly defined craft, now technology allows anyone to be a designer. Computer programs help us create almost anything imaginable, which means that a lack of crafts skills is no longer the issue: a lack of ideas is. Consequently, true graphic design today is less about getting your fingers inky, and more about thinking different. As doing becomes easier and easier, finding original approaches is harder than ever.

But help is at hand. The boundaries between disciplines like fashion, art, photography, architecture and advertising are also becoming increasingly porous. Because these disciplines are no longer clear cut, cross-fertilisation can occur. Artists now take regular detours into graphic design, and graphic designers touch upon art more frequently than ever.

This exhibition celebrates the diversity of an ever-shifting area of creative expression. Graphic Detour showcases the work of designers who go beyond design, talents who mix media as a matter of course, innovators whose ideas set them apart. And to push this new graphic design further, Graphic Detour has asked a series of companies to ‘blind date’ a creative thinker, matching artists with ceramic workshops, printers, woodworkers and even candy manufacturers.

The result is a series of detours that just might lead us to a new place entirely.

Participants: Daniel Eatock – KEMO Models and Prototypes, Joachim Schmid – NPN Printers, Erik Steinbrecher – Sunday Morning/European Ceramic Workcentre, Tod Hanson – Vlisco, Koen Taselaar – Metaalplan, Marti Guixé – Kompak, FUEL – De Geus Woodworks, Damien Poulain – Jamin

June 11 – November 27, 2011
Graphic Design Museum, Breda

Art 42 Basel – Artist Books

May 31st, 2011

Art 42 Basel
The world’s premier international art show for Modern and contemporary works, Art Basel features nearly 300 leading galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Artist Books
The 2011 special show highlights Artists’ Photography Books. These often luxurious publications offer their authors the advantage of reducing ‘loss’ in the interpretation of their works to a minimum, thanks to the natural affinities between re-production techniques and the photographic medium. But we have seen the genre used for very different purposes too: conceptual publications in the manner of Ed Ruscha’s famous series of books; photographs recreated on the printed page, as in several Japanese publications using the possibilities of offset printing to transcend the notion of simple ’reproduction’; or appropriation through hybridization with other typologies (as in the works of Wolfgang Tillmans).
Bringing together various ‘historical’ examples and the latest experiments by international authors and publishers, the exhibition also offers a new source for the numerous hard-to-find works little concerned with classic distribution. In collaboration with AA Bronson (Printed Matter) and Christoph Schifferli (Zurich), the curator thus offers the public access to a limited supply of books (historical or contemporary) provided by the publishers, specialized booksellers, collectors, or artists, thereby encouraging fresh dissemination of these projects within the exhibition setting.

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May 30th, 2011

by An Endless Supply

Countersituation is the title of an ongoing series of weekly published pages, initiated by An Endless Supply with Adam Smythe. Each issue is a double-sided sheet of new writing and re-published texts, simultaneously printed and distributed in short-runs and available online as a PDF, presenting writing and publishing as an embedded activity.
The first five issues will be published weekly throughout the exhibition, accompanied by a series of screenprints that rechannel the written texts as rebus puzzles, mnemonics and word games, as abstractions and entry points.

June 13 – July 16, 2011
Launch June 13, 5pm
International Project Space, Birmingham


May 30th, 2011


Civic Design is a postgraduate programme focused on the question of design as criteria of qualification of the citizen space. Leaded and coordinated by Ruedi Baur, this CAS unifies disciplines as architects, urbanists, designers, graphic designers, sociologists and politicians.
Every student/researcher will concentrate his research on one of the four case studies developing during the year but will take egally part of the three other case studies: “The prototype as communication tool” Quartier of Aygalades/Marseille within Marseille-Provence-2013 and the Cité des Arts de la Rue; “Analysis of all the written in the city”, with the kitchen of Nègrepelisse; “Urban segregation”, Geneva/New York in collaboration with Parsons New School of Design, New York City; “IBA Basle in between two borders” with Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner, ETH DArch, Zurich.

Civic Design est une formation continue centrée sur la question du design comme facteur de qualification de l’espace citoyen. Dirigé et coordonné par Ruedi Baur, ce CAS réunit les compétences d’architectes, d’urbanistes, de designers, de graphistes, de sociologues et de politologues.
Chaque étudiant-e concentrera sa recherche sur l’un des quatre chantiers développés durant l’année mais participera aux trois autres: «Le prototype comme outil de concertation» Quartier des Aygalades/ Marseille dans le cadre de Marseille-Provence-2013 avec la Cité des Arts de la Rue; « Etat des lieux de l’écrit dans la ville » avec la Cuisine à Nègrepelisse; « Ségrégation urbaine » Genève/New York en collaboration avec la Parsons New School of Design, New York City avec Miguel-Robles Duran; « IBA Bâle entre deux frontières » avec Alfredo Brillenbourg et Hubert Klumpner, ETH DArch, Zürich.

Deadline for applications: September 2nd, 2011
Geneva University of Art and Design, Geneva

The Milano Thing

May 30th, 2011

The Milano Thing is an independent publication featuring the most insipirational projects from the Milan Design Week 2011. It’s a 48 pages magazine translated both in italian and english.
It deals with the best design schools and the new trends, reflects on the revival of craftsmanship and the process of making, tells you Milanese stories, and much more: Interviews and fresh insights, covering both high-end furniture and indipendent productions…

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Red Tape – Terms of Use

May 29th, 2011

Red tape – curated and designed by Luke Gould, Hannah Montague, Sophie Dutton and Joe Pochodzaj - is a student-led programme of talks and discussions from the RCA’s Communication Art & Design department. Attempting to explore the changing boundaries within contemporary art and design practice, the series brings together select panels of practitioners and theorists to confront the relevant issues and ideas that are reshaping visual communication. The talks are informed by the ongoing publication of a series of session-by-session pre-readers and a website, providing further reading material and archiving discussion recordings, interviews, and reactions.

The next event, Terms of Use, a panel discussion focusing on the distribution and ownership of knowledge in contemporary art and design practice. In a time of relentless cultural privatisation, how have online technologies and open culture initiatives challenged ownership? Is it possible, and necessary, for ideas, information and creative practice to become truly public?
Speakers will include Marysia Lewandowska, Paula Le Dieu, and Chris Thorpe. Chaired by Dr Sarah Teasley.

June 1st, 2011, 3.30pm
Royal College of Art, London

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May 28th, 2011

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Bulletins of The Serving Library #1

May 28th, 2011

Bulletins of The Serving Library #1

Bulletins of The Serving Library is the new biannual publication from Dexter Sinister, which continues where the final issue of their previous house journal DOT DOT DOT left off. It will be published under the umbrella of their nascent Serving Library, a non-profit institution founded on a cooperatively-built archive that assembles itself by publishing. The pilot issue addresses the twin themes of Time generally and Libraries specifically, and includes texts by Angie Keefer, Rob Giampietro and David Reinfurt, and Bruce Sterling.


May 27th, 2011

ŒUVRES RÉCENTES présente les derniers travaux de trois jeunes artistes, Jade Fourès-Varnier, Matthieu Palud et Vincent de Hoÿm. S’inscrivant dans un univers singulier, ils utilisent des média différents, respectivement la sculpture, la peinture et l’édition. Chacun a une manière simple et directe d’appréhender la création fondée sur le ressenti, l’affect, la méditation, le mystère, le rythme, l’action, la spontanéité, la générosité.
À l’occasion de l’exposition un journal 16 pages rassemblant des textes de Constance Barrère Dangleterre, Elvire Bonduelle, Benoît Lamy de la Chapelle, Sébastien Planas et Romaric Tisserand sera édité en tirage Offset à 200 exemplaires numérotés et signés par les artistes.

Pour ŒUVRES RÉCENTES, Vincent de Hoÿm présente une série de dessins, croquis, collages, iPad drawings et impressions de petits formats inspirés d’un ouvrage sur Édouard Manet paru aux Nouvelles Éditions Françaises en 1961 (textes de Pierre Courthion). À partir d’une lettre adressée à Manet et des documents d’archives issus du livre, il confronte dessins, typographies, récits autobiographiques et images d’actualité. Il se questionne sur la copie (s’inscrivant ainsi dans la lignée de Manet qui a reproduit une multitude d’œuvres au musée du Louvre jusqu’à l’âge de 27 ans), sur la pratique du dessin et sur l’appropriation des images.

16 juin – 17 Juillet 2011
Atelier J.F.V., Paris

Rosa B

May 27th, 2011

Rosa B

Devised and jointly produced by the CAPC musée and the Bordeaux School of Fine Arts, the six-monthly web magazine Rosa B is a forum dedicated to research and reflection, which broaches and questions the different current issues of contemporary art. Unlike a traditional publication, each new issue of this on-line magazine encompasses the specific nature of the computer medium. In its form and content it allows for multidisciplinarity by dovetailing theoretical writings and contributions with dynamic visual and audio propositions.
Each issue of Rosa B is devoted to a clearly defined theme, chosen and discussed by an editorial committee.

The first issue, Edit, devised by Thomas Boutoux, is dedicated to Publishing: a logical and necessary point of departure for the implementation of any new publication project in a world which we might well regard as already saturated with publications.
The second issue, Pop. Les strategies obliques / Oblique Strategies, coordinated by Yann Chateigné Tytelman, explores “pop”, a broad and complex fetish idea if ever there was.
The third issue, Format standard / Standard Format, edited by Patricia Falguières, proposes a line of thinking about graphics, typography, standards, and their use, with a focus on the consequences of digital innovation.
The fourth issue, L’horizon des évènements / The event horizon, edited by Yoann Gourmel, sees science fiction as a global cultural phenomenon, whose “outward signs have, from the outset, gone beyond fiction and spread to fields as diverse as urbanism, philosophy, religion, and the whole gamut of the sciences”.

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1946, 1947, 1948

May 27th, 2011

1946, 1947, 1948
Les années oubliées des plus beaux livres suisses
The missing years of the most beautiful Swiss books

An exhibition and platform for discussion dedicated to the making of books, in history, and today
by Corina Neuenschwander, Roland Früh, Jenny Eneqvist and Fredrik Paulsen, in collaboration with the Bureau de la Fonderie Kugler.

An exhibition and forum for discussion on book design from the 1940s and today. Initially thought to cover the three missing years in the history of the competition The Most Beautiful Swiss Books, 1946-1948, the exhibition now describes the micro-history of these years, in relation to book production and design. A series of talks and workshops generates new material which will be documented in the exhibition.
After exhibitions in Zurich and Locarno, we continue the format in Geneva, highlighting the book production from the Romandie, the french speaking part of Switzerland, with selections by Peter Bichsel, Julia Born and Klaus Born, Hans Burkhardt, Davide Fornari, Mirjam Fischer and Hans Rudolf Gabathuler, Jost Hochuli and Ursula Hochuli, François Rappo, Fabio Soldini, Christoph Schifferli, Andreas Schwab, Nicole Udry, Felix Wiedler, and additionally Nicolas Eigenheer and Philippe Kaenel.

The exhibition is accompanied by the following events:

June 4, 4-6pm, Round table
«Le plus beau livre romand? Une discussion autour des livres anciens et contemporains»
Avec François Rappo, Ludovic Varone (NORM) et Niels Wehrspann (Schönherwehrs)

June 5, 2-6pm, Workshop
«Papier, ciseaux, xerox – recouper les livres de 1946, 1947, 1948»
Avec Nicolas Eigenheer, Corina Neuenschwander et Régis Tosetti (inscription:

June 10, 7pm, Présentation
«1946, 1947, 1948 – extended remix»
Un projet réalisé à l’ECAL par des étudiant(e)s en design graphique, présenté par Jonas Berthod et Mauro Tittoto

Exhibition: June 4-18, 2011
Opening: June 4, 3pm
Fonderie Kugler, Genève

Wall of Tomorrow

May 26th, 2011

Wall of Tomorrow

Le Corbusier, one of the most influential architects of the 20th century, finished the construction and interior design of the Swiss Foundation in 1933, along with Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret. Le Corbusier dressed the walls of the building’s common area, known as the “Salon courbe”, with images related to microbiology and architecture. This “photographic mural” (10×4 meters) was seriously damaged during the German occupation and finally destroyed in 1947. The original mural only survived in one or two pictures that show how the “Salon courbe” was conceived and that summarize Le Corbusier’s radical modernist approach.

Swiss graphic designer Diego Fellay, in residence at the swiss Foundation, welcomes illustrators & photographers to recreate this forgotten mural with him. Six original posters will be produced and distributed, as well as 400 copies of each.

The exhibition Wall of Tomorrow is an experiment dealing with image and space.

June 9-19, 2011
Fondation Suisse, Paris


May 26th, 2011

BOOKIE is the first in Poland comprehensive and focused presentation of publications by artists and small publishing offices. The exhibition will be held in the new premises of Piktogram/BLA, or, more precisely, within a space that is designated for the presentation of projects loosely associated with publishing, printing, recording, copying, and distribution. A few dozen publications selected by the exhibit’s curator, Honza Zamojski, will be displayed on shelves, in display cabinets and in less obvious arrangements.

Selected printed matter such as books, fanzines, catalogues, albums, newspapers, and magazines will demonstrate a wide range and diversity of one of the most intriguing cultural phenomena of recent years, i.e. self-publishing (which continues to develop at a fast pace).
Is self-publishing only a fad or rather an attempt at a serious reflection over the distribution of knowledge? Or perhaps this is a nostalgia-driven epigonism of the last “analogue” generation? It is hard to provide an unequivocal answer to these questions. One thing is certain, however: the very medium of printed paper has changed. There is a need for redefining it and the ease of use and accessibility of various printing technologies facilitate experiments. All of a sudden books have becomes “exhibitions”, “paintings” or “sculptures” and their reception has changed accordingly.

Displayed (and sold) during the exhibition will be publications that have never been presented in Poland before, e.g. by David Horvitz and Rick Myers artbooks, conceptual fanzines of the Institute of Social Hypocrisy or books by the Slavs and Tatars collective that explore the frontier of Europe and Asia. There will also be some earlier, archival items, which on account of their content or design may be linked with the contemporary publications presented during the show.

“Print is dead!” “Is print dead?” Bookies might actually start accepting bets.

Dialogue of the Writing: Authorship in Design

May 26th, 2011

Dialogue of the Writing: Authorship in Design
Symposium & student work exhibition

The relevance of authorship in design has been widely discussed in recent years. However, the often uncritical reception of the principle “designers equals author” calls for a retrial of the issue in the form of an interdisciplinary discourse. Ideas and thoughts on the self-understanding of the designer take centre stage. Questions on the position and role(s) of the designer come along with that.

How do designers react to the diverse changes in their professional field? How do they deal with interpenetrative text and image spaces?
Does a non-staged, author-less typography actually exist at all? Is not always a part of the designer included in the design, which allows to speak of authorship? What are the interactions within the triad of writer–work–designer?
The concept of authorship may well suggest new approaches to design, but it can equally well be used as a counterproductive legitimacy of outdated myths of the “creative genius”.

To what extent can a designer actually call a work his or her own? In times like ours, where plagiarism and copy/paste become commonplace, the question of intellectual property becomes more important. Is it still worth being protected? Or live works through the incorporation into and continuation by other works? Is it wiser, in the end, to rather speak of the designer as a “translator”, a “director”, or a “co-author”?

The symposium tries to answer these questions by contrasting various contemporary positions of theory and practice.

Lupi Asensio/Martin Lorenz, Kenan Darwich/Nils Küppers/René Siegfried, Markus Dreßen, Oswald Egger, Friedrich Forssman, Melle Hammer, Dr. Sabine Kampmann, Jan Middendorp, Annette Stahmer.

July 7-9, 2011
Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Kiel

Volume Number – On Artists’ Publications

May 26th, 2011

Volume Number
On Artists’ Publications

Triple Canopy and Printed Matter, Inc. present Volume Number, a discussion of the past, present, and future of artists’ publications.
The conversation will take as its starting point Gwen Allen’s recent book Artists’ Magazines: An Alternative Space for Art (MIT Press), which surveys American and European artists’ publications from the 1960s to the 1980s. Allen will give a brief presentation of this history, which will be followed by a discussion of its relationship with a variety of contemporary publishing projects, from multimedia journals to generative archives to e-books.
Participants include Paul Chan (Badlands Unlimited), Angie Keefer (The Serving Library), Matt Keegan, David Platzker (Specific Object), and Colby Chamberlain (Triple Canopy), who will moderate. Related books and other materials by the participants will be available for purchase at the event.

June 11, 2011, 6pm
Dia:Chelsea, New York

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The Kingsboro Press, Issue 7 – Launch

May 25th, 2011

The Kingsboro Press, Issue 7

Founded in 2007 in Brooklyn, Kingsboro is a critical and engaged look at young art, design, literature, and approach every new issue as an artists print or unique edition, an entirely self-produced object with its own inherent visual language.
More informations about issue 7 here.

Launch May 26, 2011, 6pm
Karma, New York

Every Typeface tells a Story – John Morgan & Emily King

May 24th, 2011

Every Typeface tells a Story

Graphic Designer John Morgan shares his approach to typography with design critic and curator Emily King.

25th May 2011, 6pm
Turner Contemporary, Kent

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Piktogram Talking Pictures Magazine

May 23rd, 2011

Piktogram Talking Pictures Magazine

A brief hauntology of graphic design

May 20th, 2011

A brief hauntology of graphic design

For the second year Thierry Chancogne, Catherine Guiral and Brice Domingues are organising a series of conferences at Chaumont’s International Poster and Graphic Design on 28-29 May 2011. Following the theme of Archive in 2010, this year concentrates on the idea of a «brief hauntology of graphic design». An inquiring survey albeit partial and incomplete of what could haunt a complex discipline that builds itself at the ambiguous crossroads of many ambitions more or less (un)formulated or (un)thought. A brief anthology of the inbetweens and the lairs of graphic design, of its margins and out-of-field(s) and what traverses it…

With Alexandra Midal, Philippe Millot, Slavs and Tatars (Boy Vereecken), Thomas Mailaender, Alexandru Balgiu et Fabrice Mabime, Marie Lusa, Elisabeth Chamontin, Ed Fella / Michel Aphesbero, Marcelline Delbecq, Stephen Knott , Thomas Buxó, Christos Lialios, Yannick Bouillis, Grégoire Romanet, Alaric Garnier.

The graphics of the conferences are conceived by officeabc.

May 28 – 29, 2011
22nd International poster and graphic design festival of Chaumont , France

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