CUT UP / Burroughs, Gysin & the cut-up Project

September 30th, 2010


CUT UP / Burroughs, Gysin & the cut-up Project
Modes of Practice Edition #1

Fabrikzeitung Zürich launches a new cycle of special issues devoted to modes of artistic practice. The first issue in this series deals with the cut-up project as an experimental practice linking literature and the visual arts. The articles focus on William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin as the first practitioners of cut-up, the historical conditions of its
(re-)discovery, but also on the relationship between the artistic method and the collaborative aspects of production, publishing, and distribution.

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September 30th, 2010

MONITOR MEMEX imprint of MER paper kunsthalle is located at the Sint Lucas College of Art, Antwerp, where it generates a range of editorial and printed matter that mobilizes the range of original research and diagnostics taking place both on- and off-site.
More think-tank than task-driven institution, MONITOR MEMEX is in constant motion: it is a renewable reservoir of ideas, an arsenal of discoveries and perceptions.
We embrace an “as found” methodology, reflecting academic discourse from within the school onto the world of contemporary visual culture at large…”

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Bidoun #22, Library (preview)

September 30th, 2010

Bidoun #22, Library (preview, by Rumors)
The new issue of Bidoun coincides with & comments upon Museum as Hub: The Bidoun Library Project, a highly partial account of five decades of printed matter in, near, about, and around the Middle East.
Running through the issue is the catalogue, designed (by Bidoun proper, separate from us) for the New Museum exhibition. The magazine operates as a footnote for the catalogue, which in turn was built as a series of footnotes for the exhibition.

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Upcoming: NY Art Book Fair & Offprint PARIS

September 29th, 2010

November 5–7, New York
Printed Matter, the world’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to publications by artists, presents the fifth annual NY Art Book Fair. Free and open to the public, the Fair hosts over 230 international presses, booksellers, antiquarian dealers, artists and publishers from twenty-one countries, offering the best in contemporary art-book publishing.

November 18-21, Paris
Initiated by Yannick Bouillis, in reaction to the lack of meeting places for the diversity of practices in the field of photography, Offprint is a project space for contemporary photography and a book fair for independent publishers.
Off print aspires to be a meeting place for Artists, Photographers, Graphic designers, Curators, Artistic directors, Journalists, Collectors… who deal with “printed” photography: books, magazines, zines, prints.

33 Grad Nord 44 Grad Ost

September 29th, 2010

33 Grad Nord 44 Grad Ost is based on a newspaper article about the conflict in Iraq. The work acts both as a newspaper and as a poster. It developed from a discussion about the use and function of text, photography
and illustration in newspapers. The content is related to the iraq war.

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Ruines – Pierre Vanni

September 28th, 2010


Pour cette exposition, Pierre Vanni présente entre autres le premier chapitre d’un questionnement graphique et textuel autour du statut actuel de la ruine et de ses représentations, “Nouvelles Ruines – Chapitre 1 : Chiasme”.

7 octobre – 17 novembre 2010
vernissage jeudi 7 octobre 2010, 19h
Galerie Delko, Rennes

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Treating of matters which he who reads will see, and he who listens to them, when read, will hear.

September 28th, 2010

Treating of matters which he who
reads will see, and he who listens
to them, when read, will hear.

A publication, by Royal College of Art first year Communication Art & Design students, which aims to investigate how history influences practice as designers.

Can we make design history research, and the sharing of its resources a more active part of everyday graphic design practice? How can we question the gender and racial biases of available histories? How, in other words, to influence the making of design history today? Does our field’s obsession with celebrity designers lead us to over-emphasise biographical narratives to the detriment of collective or object-based histories? Could we pursue a new form of writing design history, less confined to proven academic models, more intuitive or creative, thereby taking greater control over our profession and how it is translated or related in existing histories?

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Meeusontwerpt (updates)

September 28th, 2010

Janna and Hilde Meeus

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Ghazaal Vojdani – Alex Prior – Houman Momtazian

September 28th, 2010

Ghazaal VojdaniAlex PriorHouman Momtazian

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Practice Praxis – Jan van Toorn, Ken Garland & Richard Hollis

September 28th, 2010

Practice Praxis with Jan van Toorn, Ken Garland and Richard Hollis

Hosted in the communal design studio of the Jan van Eyck Academie, which was set up in the early 1990s by Jan van Toorn, the colloquium Practice Praxis will explore how on the one hand one’s political affiliations and critical reflection influence design work and how on the other hand materiality and business routines define one’s professional activity.

The colloquium is organized by Cornelia Durka, Luisa Lorenza Corna and Žiga Testen.
notify your attendance via E-mail (

Wednesday 6 October, 1pm
Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht

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PROCESS: The working practices of Barney Bubbles

September 27th, 2010

The working practices of Barney Bubbles
an exhibition focusing on the working practices of one of the giants of graphic design, Barney Bubbles.

The show will contain many never-before-seen items drawn from private collections, including student notebooks, working sketches, original artwork, paintings, books and photography.
PROCESS, which will demonstrate how Bubbles problem-solved on behalf of his clients by employing powerful symbols and an intense colour sense with bright primaries, stark contrasts, strategies and interventions.
Barney Bubbles emerged as the most audacious record sleeve designer of his generation.

Until October 23 2010
Chelsea space, London

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THE EXCUSE / Open call for contributions

September 26th, 2010

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Library of Readings & Essays (LoR/E)

September 26th, 2010

LoR/E is a project that has been influenced, most of all, by the graphic designers and (design) writers of our time—notably: Daniel van der Velden, Will Holder, Stuart Bailey, Robin Kinross, Anthony Froshaug—who have implicitly and explicitly advocated for the importance of reading and personal research, for the pursuit of knowledge (both design-related and not), and, generally speaking, for the broadening of a designer’s repertoire to include skills beyond those related to the visual and the aesthetic. As such—and in reaction to a particular culture of designers who, whether in their role as designers or as readers, focus increasingly less on textual content in favor of the visual—LoR/E promotes an appreciation for language and intellectually-inclined content…

The objective of LoR/E is to provide designers and other interested individuals with access to a dynamic and comprehensive resource that encourages said users: to further seek out the listed readings and essays themselves; to initiate their own research or investigation of any number of the expansive and (often) interrelated topics and subject matters and; to incite a general spirit of discovery via browsing…

Lecture sauvage, The Story of Rendez-vous sauvage

September 24th, 2010

Lecture sauvage, The Story of Rendez-vous sauvage,

dans le cadre de la conférence Brussels Design Forum
sur le thème Le graphisme à l’échelle de la ville.
on the occasion of Brussels Design Forum
on the theme Graphic Design at City Scale.

Sous la forme de 7 nouvelles graphiques et commentées , Lecture sauvage retrace l’histoire de Champion le camion et de l’aventure Rendez-vous sauvage.
À travers les événements 1,2,3 Go!, On Air, Niveaux de gris Poster Collection et un concert pour la Fête de la musique, on découvre les escapades débridées et optimistes d’artistes voulant bouleverser le schéma habituel des expositions et établir un échange direct et spontané avec la ville et ses habitants.

Under the shape of 7 graphic and commented short stories, Lecture sauvage tells the story of ‘Champion le camion’ and the adventure Rendez-vous sauvage.
Through the events 1,2,3 Go!, On Air, Niveaux de gris Poster Collection and a concert for the french ‘Fête de la musique’, we discover artists’ unbridled and optimistic escapades which want to upset the usual plan of the exhibitions and to establish a direct and spontaneous exchange with the city and the inhabitants.

vendredi 1er octobre / Friday 1st of October 2010
Flagey, Bruxelles.

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September 24th, 2010

The most beautiful Swiss books 2009 in London

The competition “The most Beautiful Swiss Books” was launched as far back as 1943, when a jury of five experts selected the 25 most beautiful or best executed books. It is now a long established annual event of almost international renown, certainly amongst graphic designers and typographers, and it is organised by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture.

In 2010, a jury selected 30 “Most Beautiful Swiss Books” of the year 2009. According to the brief, the jury selects the books on the basis of their quality in terms of design, typography and overall conception. Innovation and originality are important factors, while the use of the material and printing techniques is also considered. The catalogue that is published along with the competition was conceived and designed by Laurenz Brunner in close collaboration with Tan Wälchli. This year’s catalogue is concerned with the present or contemporary book design and will be on sale during the exhibition. This years exhibition at Café Oto is the third of its kind and will continue the discussion whether a similar competition could be suggested for the British book production or not.

6 October – 14 October 2010
Opening 6th October 2010, 7pm
Cafe Oto, London

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September 22nd, 2010

Manystuff was part of the EXHIBITION OF CROATIA DESIGN 0910 jury.
The 6th National Croatia Design Exhibition 0910 was organized by Croatian Designers Association in order to award and promote professional design in Croatia. (More pictures)

Big award
Studio SONDA / Kristina Poropat, Sean Poropat, Jelena Šimunovic
Aleksandar Živanov, Tina Erman, Ana Bursic
PROMOTION second USED BOOK FESTIVAL (BOOKtiga 2009th Porec) – During the festival it is possible to buy or sell used books, and part of the revenue is donated to a charity. Therefore, the backbone of the festival’s promotion is emphasizing the utilization of waste. The fact that a whole bunch of posters from the last year’s festival, (BOOKtiga ’08) remained unused, was turned into an advantage: they were repainted with clear emphasis on the elements indicated the utilisation of waste (the details of the old posters are visible), conveying the message that second-hand things, when wisely used, can exceed the value of the brand new ones. The aim was also to break down the stereotypical perception of a library as a serious institution that invokes respect. Therefore, instead of computerized typography, handwriting was used. The concept has been applied throughout the rest of the campaign: recycled jingles, reprinted sponsorship, t-shirt and bags….

Award in visual communication (professional)
Tajne izložbe,
by Robert Canak, Ivan Klisuric, Ivana Hanacek, Irena Gessner, Ana Kršenic Lozica.
This project deals with complex censorship mechanism and destruction of art which developed within the process of post-socialist transformation.
The project functions as an interdisciplinary research platform used by artists, designers, curators, historians, sociologists and art historians, and it has been realized through several exhibitions set up at people’s flat in Zagreb and the final exhibition in the SC Gallery – instead of a usual catalog – newspaper were presented at the final exhibition evoking the current censorship problem present in the press. The newspaper represents an archive of the research which has been carried out so far, and a such discloses transcripts of conversations with the artists who have affronted censorship in their career as their works were not allowed to be exhibited. The layout is designed to get, by cutting the larger newspaper format, a smaller one but without some parts of the published information (the newspaper form cut out from the newspapers). The gallery visitors take home from the exhibition the uncut newspaper with all the informations, while the gallery archives keep the small, cut-out newspapers corresponding to the format of the given, standard leaflet (depliant). That brings us closer to answering the question concerning the responsibility of galleries and modern art institutions in numerous cases of prohibited exhibiting and cancelled exhibitions. The Exhibition Secret Newspapers’ design can be looked at on a conceptual level also as a contribution to the art system criticism.

Award in visual communication (student)
A Clockwork Orange
by Niko Mihaljevic – Studij dizajna Zagreb
Alex DeLarge, anti-hero of the novel “A clockwork Orange, by Anthony Burgess, destroys several books and a manuscript throughout the story. That very motive was the inspiration for the visual design concept of the book: a torn book is a symbol of the threads of this story – confessions of a young delinquent distopia.
After defining the concept, the main challenge was to design a book that looked damaged, but without compromising its context and therefore still allowing it to be legible. This was achieved through a few rules: text was color-coded, any text taken off the torn page was transferred to the next page, any torn pages following the initial page were treated normally but their texts followed the newly created margin. The format of the cover was done in accordance with the book itself – that is, the book is not bound and has no cover, only pages. the book is sewn and glued together by hand.

> More about exhibition / More about awards / More pictures

OK Talk – Design dialogues between Helsinki and London

September 21st, 2010

OK Talk brings together designers, artists and theorists operating in Finland and Britain to talk about emerging questions in design philosophy and strategic design.
The series of events consists of brunch discussions dealing with a total of three topics – Making Places, Strategies of Participation and Borderlands – exploring social, cultural and ethical viewpoints around different applications of design.

Making Places takes a fresh view on spatial practice. It studies both existing and imaginary places, looking at their creation, evolution and essence… / Strategies of Participation explores the design of encounters, interactions and collaborations… / Borderlands explores the crossing of boundaries between design, art and other fields with an emphasis on collaborative practices…

- Strategies of Participation, Thursday 23 September, 8.30am
With Celine Condorelli, Ulla-Maaria Engeström, HyperMarketo, Karen Mirza, Suvi Saloniemi
- Borderlands, Saturday 25 September, 11.30am
With Revital Cohen, Martti Kalliala, Zak Kyes, Max Lamb, Aamu Song,
HEL YES!, London

ENCYCLOPEDIA – Jean-Benoît Lallemant

September 20th, 2010

contemporary art in the world
First volume
Jean-Benoît Lallemant

L’Encyclopédie de Diderot et D’Alembert du milieu du XVIIIe siècle, dont la publication de Jean-Benoît Lallemant reprend la composition typographique, se proposait de réunir la totalité de tous les savoirs de son époque. En limitant son ambition aux savoirs que génère l’idée d’« art contemporain », ENCYCLOPEDIA propose de se représenter un tel projet à l’époque de Google.
En utilisant le site language_tools, chaque domaine local (France : « .fr », Angleterre : « .uk », Allemagne : « .de », etc.) a fait l’objet d’une recherche avec Google. L’expression « art contemporain » a ainsi été traduite dans la langue officielle la plus parlée dans le pays concerné par la recherche. Puisque certains pays, tel l’Iran, n’ont pas de domaine sur Internet – pourtant Google permet d’effectuer une traduction en Farci (la langue persane) –, une recherche a alors été menée pour les six langues affiliées aux pays qui n’ont pas de domaine. En troisième de couverture sont listés les domaines n’offrant pas la possibilité d’une recherche spécifique, ainsi que les domaines pour lesquels il n’y a pas de traduction possible avec l’outil de traduction Google. Les neuf premières images affichées par le moteur de recherche dans chaque domaine ont été retenues pour la publication.
Livrées à la logique de Google, ces images sans légendes ne sont plus que les images d’elles-mêmes. L’idée de l’encyclopédie, qui fonde le projet de Jean-Benoît Lallemant, permet du moins d’entrevoir les limites d’une connaissance dont Internet est l’outil : les images se substituent aux concepts, l’ordre d’apparition des réponses de Google dépend du nombre de visites de chacune d’entre elles, le résultat n’est donc plus le même d’un jour à l’autre, etc. La définition des concepts n’est alors plus possible, car le moteur de recherche ne répond pas à la demande, mais impose une image de l’art contemporain, l’encyclopédie devient donc un périodique à remettre continuellement à jour.
Internet, dont Google est un des principaux outils, promet un regard sur l’ensemble du monde et des savoirs, mais n’offre peut-être qu’une mondialisation : l’occidentalisation de toutes les formes culturelles.

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PARIS 48°49N 2°29E

September 20th, 2010

PARIS 48°49N 2°29E is a collection of “portraits” of 50 inhabitants of Paris. Some are friends, some I have never met. It’s a collaborative project where I asked each person to hand draw a map to a place that was important to them and then I would use the map to find the location and photography it.” Ami Sioux

PARIS 48°49N 2°29E est une collection de 50 “portraits” de Paris par cinquante amoureux de cette ville. Certains sont des amis, d’autres de parfaits inconnus, tous y habitent et y sont actifs. Pour ce projet basé sur une collaboration, j’ai demandé à chaque personne de dessiner, à la main, le plan d’un endroit qui lui était cher, puis j’ai utilisé ces cartes pour trouver les lieux et les photographier.” Ami Sioux

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A.C. publications

September 20th, 2010

A.C. publications est une “maison d’édition indépendante” qui a pour dessein la remise en circulation de pages de livres d’artiste. Elle a été créée par Aurore Chassé en 2010 dans le cadre de son projet de diplôme sur les livres d’artiste. Elle travaille notamment avec les bibliothèques municipales qui possèdent des fonds de livres d’artiste, pour diffuser des fragments de leur collection.
Courtesy of artists who do books est le premier ouvrage de la collection “Cheap books”. Il est complété par la collection “Issue” (#1 Issue, #2 Issue, #3 Issue).

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