In Re Production of Tangible Things

April 22nd, 2014

The Internet Archive is a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, they provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, the print disabled, and the general public.
As part of the Internet Archive Tumblr Residency program, Re Production of Tangible Things, by Gijsbert Wouter Wahl, brings ephemera obsessively combed from the databases out into intertwined chapters. The archive has been pictured, and the images, out of their original positions in files and books, become part of a new territory from which you can drill back into sources that may otherwise have remained invisible.

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Acid Magazine No1

March 21st, 2013

Acid – a surf-related publishing project for the curious minded – is the encounter of some skateboarders and the sea. It’s surfing seen through the prisms of exploration and everyday life. In this first issue, editors have navigated along the fringes of art, photography, philosophy or science, trying hard not to sound too serious and making you eager for a session. Featuring thieves, failed surf trips, what marketing people would call ‘stunning images’ plus many more stories and pictures that have nothing to do with jerseys, bikinis or stickers on noses.

Alternative narratives – Inaudible

December 4th, 2012

Inaudible is a blog exploring a theme of subtitles,
created by graphic designers Olya Troitskaya, Timur Akhmetov,
Asger Behncke Jacobsen, Johannes Breyer.


September 20th, 2012

Studio cookbook is a collection of recipes from designers, artists and publishers. This second edition is contributed by AND Publishing, Art Licks, Goodwin Hartshorn, The Gourmand, Charlotte Cheetham, Meadham Kirchhoff, Mind Design, Fraser Muggeridge and many more.
The launch, will gather previous artists and studio’s as well as new participants, to realise the form of the cookbook live during The London Art Book Fair.

September 23, 2012, 15:30
Whitechapel Gallery, London

THE PLANT – Issue 3

September 20th, 2012

The Plant Journal turns into The Plant. The new edition features an interview with the inspiring florist Thierry Boutemy and a visit to Derek Jarman’s cottage at Dungeness where he created an atypical and magical garden. Wild flowers growing at Cap de Creus, the legendary Joshua Tree, cenotes from the Mexican Caribbean and Butchart impressionist gardens in Vancouver are among the most beautiful landscapes discovered thanks to Coke Bartrina, Daniel Trese, Ángeles Peña and Jennilee Marigomen.
You will also find a small and extreme farm in Kuwait and amazing potted gardens in Tokyo; ceramics by Jessica Hans and indigo dyes by Britt Browne; colorful ‘Biotopia’ by Jonas Marguet and an illustrated bestiarium of invented plants. Matt Olson from ROLU remembers his first interest in plants and Lope Serrano discovers three green scenes in Jean Luc Godard’s films, while this issue recipes are photographed by Scheltens & Abbenes: Shake it up!

Launch September 22, 6pm
Ofr, Paris


January 10th, 2012

The Plant journal

Besides providing botanical contents in a simple, personal and cozy way, The Plant Journal offers to plant lovers a new look on greenery by featuring the works of creative people who also love plants. As a curious observer of ordinary plants and other greenery, the magazine presents a monographic on a specific plant and brings together photographers, illustrators, designers, musicians, writers and visual artists, both established and emerging, from all over the world, to share with The Plant Journal their perceptions and experiences around plants.

The second edition includes a conversation with Piet Oudolf, flowered hairs by Daniel Riera, a visit to Jacques Tati’s Villa Arpel and interiors plants by Elein Fleiss, A deep look into woods and wilderness, orchards, gardens and amazing plants; recipes, hobbies, crafts and even love stories. 
Through the pages you will find works by Wai Lin Tse, Chris Kabel, Ángeles Peña, Rosa Codina, Daisuke Hamada, Nacho Alegre, Coke Bartrina, Luis Cerveró, Adrià Cañameras and many more.
Includes a monograph on the Monstera plant illustrated by William Edmonds, Ana Domínguez, Laetitia Benat, Misaki Kawai, Geoff Mcfetridge and Ricardo Fumanal and a selection of gardening tools by Kiosk and Andy Rementer.

January 26, 2012, 6:30pm
Artwords Bookshop, London

Otlet’s Shelf

October 9th, 2011

Named for Paul Otlet — a librarian and visionary who popularized the 3×5 index card catalog and whose work in the early 1900’s prefigured the Internet — Otlet’s Shelf is a project in the spirit of free information exchange.
Share a summer reading list. Keep track of the books on your physical shelves. Organize references around a subject of interest. Publish a wishlist. However you use it, Otlet’s Shelf is a simple tool which aims to turn the private act of collection into something shared.

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April 15th, 2011

KARMA, books, posters, records & stuff, New York

an ambitious project collapsing – REFERENCE LIBRARY – rosenlof/lucas – STOPPING OFF PLACE

October 11th, 2010



May 16th, 2010

Playlistory exhibition & book project:
graphic stories, poems or slogans, compounded with songs titles.
By Elsa Audouin, Maurice Lopes, Agathe Nicolas et Elena Germain.


May 11th, 2010

The exhibition Full/Operational/Toolbox, curated by KERNEL, intends to investigate a range of contemporary artistic practices that negotiate the ways of management and distribution of information in the context of the creative process.

(…) Collecting works that represent different approaches and intentions, Full/Operational/Toolbox doesn’t start from a given ideological incitement or fixed point of reference. It intends to communicate and highlight those artistic practices that reassess the relations between the expert and the amateur, functioning in a inspirational and educative manner that opens up to comprehensive and dynamic creative processes and possibilities. The works to be presented in Full/Operational/Toolbox highlight and realize, each one in its own way and using its own codes, ideas and creative strategies that concern the management of the artistic work mainly as “information”. The works, thus, set out new conditions for the access and distribution of culture and of the viewer’s participation in it.
Exploring the dynamics and the status of these creative activities, Full/Operational/Toolbox, aims at functioning as a platform of debate on the ways of management of the cultural product in terms of directness and immediacy, as well as on the reconsideration of material and institutional processes and limitations.

With Otto von Busch, Forms of Melancholy curated by Chris Coy, Aleksandra Domanovic, Seth Price, Let’s Remake, Dexter Sinister, Damon Zucconi


Index of Potential
The on-going project Index of Potential, an on-line “library” of texts and titles related to the ideas and issues proposed by Full/Operational/Toolbox operates in the same context. In the exhibition, a part of this digital library will be realized with the assistance of KERNEL’s construction structure, including digital printings of texts, lists of titles as well as original publications borrowed by the participants.


14 May – 30 May 2010
Temporary project space M21, Athens, Greece

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May 7th, 2010

AAAARG is a conversation platform – at different times
it performs as a school, or a reading group, or a journal.

AAAARG was created with the intention of developing
critical discourse outside of an institutional framework.
But rather than thinking of it like a new building,
imagine scaffolding that attaches onto existing buildings
and creates new architectures between them.

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The movie title stills collection

March 26th, 2010

The movie title stills collection,
A collection containing hundreds of main titles from feature films, from classic and recent films.

You Say Potato I Say Fuck You

March 19th, 2010

You Say Potato I Say Fuck You

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February 15th, 2010

radical zines ready to print.


August 25th, 2009

WGDFC 2009

Karlssonwilker inc. and the Office of Paul Sahre invite you to register for the 6th annual World Graphic Design Foosball Championship (WGDFC) which will take place at ADC Gallery on November 13th in New York.

ohyescoolgreat (updates)

June 8th, 2009


Cannon magazine

May 27th, 2009

Cannon magazine — For literary artillery . . .

Due to financial constraints, the production of the first issue of Cannon is being broken down into a series of sporadically produced sixteen-page signatures, some of which will be distributed as they are printed, and the remainder kept aside to be collated and bound in June 2009. This staggered approach to production allows Cannon to exist without the crutch of financial support, spreading costs and delaying my inevitable lesson into the impossibility of truly independent publishing.

The left-to-right, east-to-west structure of the finished magazine will thus correlate to the chronology of its production, the first page having been printed six months before the last. Section by section the magazine will evolve or renew its standpoint, reflecting a slow digestion of its themes, rather than suggesting a neatly packaged thought which has sprung from the mind, onto the page. Cannon will grow up in public.

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Public Collectors

April 24th, 2009

Public Collectors consists of informal agreements where collectors allow the contents of their collection to be published and permit those who are curious to directly experience the objects in person. Participants must be willing to type up an inventory of their collection, provide a means of contact and share their collection with the public. Collectors can be based in any geographic location.

Public Collectors is founded upon the concern that there are many types of cultural artifacts that public libraries, museums and other institutions and archives either do not collect or do not make freely accessible. Public Collectors asks individuals that have had the luxury to amass, organize, and inventory these materials to help reverse this lack by making their collections public.

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February 27th, 2009

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